*Thanks to my friend, Tracy, for providing today’s guest post while I’m away!
2013 has been and continues to be an extremely challenging year for me in ALL aspects of my life. For example: 
  • I’m trying to balance a long distance marriage (Jason is helicopter pilot in the USAF and is currently in training)
  • My job is very deadline driven and fast pace (I’m a professional bean counter by trade (bad accounting joke))I’m preparing for an international move to the United Kingdom in early 2014 due to
  • My husband’s (Jason) job (London, Baby!!! (FRIENDS reference for all you 90s kids)
  • My little sister is getting married in September, making time to go home to the best state in the continental U.S. OHIO (duh!) to visit friends and family. 
  • On top of that — stay fit and accomplish my running/swimming/yoga/biking and eating healthy goals.
Even though this has been a crazy busy year I am in the best shape I have been since senior year of
college, which is about the same time JT brought Sexy Back (I’ll let you do the math). 
I think what has helped me achieve being in great shape is finding groups or individuals to work out with who challenge me and encourage me. Jason ran cross country and track in high school and college and knows the ups and downs of training and injuries. He keeps me in check and when he is in town or when I am visiting him,  we stay active by running, playing tennis, hiking or participating in outdoor activity that is available. 
Being part of an organization like Back on My Feet (BOMF) has also helped me achieve consistency and has helped me realize that it takes time and patience to be in shape again. The volunteers and resident members are truly inspirational. 
My friend Julie (my partner in crime when it comes to exercising) is amazing and awesome. She pushes me to try new and different exercise routines (by joining DC Roadrunners, and going to different exercise classes). She even convinced me to train for a sprint triathlon this June and the MS Bike ride.
The biggest thing that has helped me fit working out into my life is having a” back-up” work out plan for
each day. What I mean by that is I create a list of all the different options and times I have to work-out in a given day —  because if I tell myself “I HAVE TO WORK OUT AT THIS TIME, AND DO THIS WORKOUT!!!” it becomes a chore and it stops being fun for me. I am already an A type personality and adding this extra pressure only creates more stress for me.
Here is an example of my options on a “normal” Tuesday (granted if I don’t have any crazy work
deadlines and I’m in town).
  • Yoga class at 6:00AM
  • Swimming at 5:30AM or 6:00AM
  • Running at 6:30AM
  • Running at lunch with co-workers
  • 30 minute walk with co-workers anytime during the day
  • Spin class at 6:00PM
  • Yoga class 6:00PM or 7:45PM
  • Running after work at work or when I get home
If I list out all my options I become less stressed and more determined to work out that day sometimes
even twice that day. Also, it allows me to feel more in control. It’s just an option that allows for structure
without the added stress.
My biggest advice is keep trying different things and mix up your routines. I know that when you sign-
up for a race you think you can have to do “X”-miles on “X”- day. I’m not saying you shouldn’t follow a
routine but allow yourself the option to mix it up.
Do you have “back-up” workout plans? How strict are you with your work out schedule? 
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