Marshall, Lindsey (sister), Me, Shelby (sister), Giovanna, Mom

So much fun! I got two bridal showers and I feel incredibly blessed because of it. Even though I am not having a traditional wedding, I still wanted to do traditional bride things — like have a bridal shower.  When my sister suggested hosting one in Indiana, I was so excited — hadn’t even considered it.

It’s odd having a day be really about you! Also, it’s the one time in life you actually get like really awesome presents as an adult — ha ha. But, seriously, it was so nice having so many people I love in one room together.

I’m so unpicky so I didn’t really specify any kind of theme but Lindsey made sure everything was put together wonderfully. I love how she put these photos out of R & I — here’s when he proposed on Christmas:

She had made these adorable & delicious mini-ham and cheese sandwiches, along with the most amazing banana cupcakes I’ve ever had! The best part was that they were like 2 parts frosting, 1 part cake — the best way if you ask me 🙂

Also…Reese bars with a chocolate layer on the bottom, peanut butter in the middle and another chocolate layer on top. SOOOO good!

There was a place where people were asked to write down their favorite memory with me and also a piece of wisdom for my marriage.

I loved this part because I really cherish my relationships with people and enjoy reminiscing about the past. My best girlfriends from high school were in attendance so I knew their answers would be fairly interesting 🙂

Plus, Lindsey was excited to re-use the birdcage she had bought for her own wedding back in 2008.

Those that know me know I am a sucker for a good “icebreaker.” I really like learning new things about people and playing corny “get to know you” games.

That’s why I was pretty excited about the game my sister planned: Who Knows Ericka Best? The questions were funny and I was curious to see who knew the answers! Turns out…my aunts Cheryl and Andrea tied for first place!

The tiebreaker question: What is the fastest time Ericka has ever run a full marathon? Love it! Andrea won by a nose! (Answer: 3:58!)

After a lot of chit chat and a couple of games, I opened presents — though many people had sent theirs ahead to DC since transport isn’t exactly convenient.

I was excited to a get a couple of new books (will share later), lots of gift cards and some great pieces of wisdom. In the room were at least four people that I have been a bridesmaid for so after so many years of being the bridesmaid, it was very nice 🙂

My besties from high school — all who have multiple children now!:

Amy (aka “Crazy”), Me, Britney (aka “Butt”), Megan (aka “Sluta”)

They all live in Indiana still so my life has been very different but I’m glad we remain friends and keep our visits happening. It’s sometimes hard to be far away and feel like we’ve lost the closeness we once had but I will always be grateful for these ladies and the fun times we’ve shared.

Katie, me, Sarah, Brooke

So we were a little overboard on the group pix but I just wanted to make sure I had one with everybody!

My lovely aunts came — a trip home is never complete without spending a happy hour with these ladies!

Angie, me, Andrea, Cheryl, Grandma

Of course I had to get a pic with all of my grandmas! I have three, lucky me 🙂 Actually, one of the women in the photo below is my Grandma’s best friend, Margaret. Margaret has been in our family since I was about 10 years old and is considered an honorary grandma 🙂

I was grateful to have them all there. All three have always been there for me, loved and supported me, especially in the journey to finding the love of my life! In their own ways, they’ve all given me priceless wisdom in this area. I’m so thankful for all three!

Margaret, me, Grandma Carole, Grandma Sharon

Another perk of the shower? Babies 🙂 While I always say, “I’m not a kid person,” that seems to be less and less true.

Of course, I’m basically obsessed with my niece Giovanna and my nephew Marshall, I am also pretty fond of my cousin, Chloe and all of my friends’ kids! I said, bring them all! It was mostly girls (except for Marshall) and I loved every bit of it!

I also love love loved the cute dress I bought and wore from Asos:

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