Ariana, Tiffany, Me, Michelle, Maggie

Thanks to my awesome, beautiful girlfriends for taking me out last night! I didn’t expect to get the whole crown/sash shebang but they they delivered and it was fun to the batchelorette!

We had dinner at a new place for me — SEI — which is Asian fusion I think. It was awesome! I had sushi and it was definitely some of the best I’ve ever had. It was perfect for a light meal. I also got a side of brussel sprouts and…wow! They were dripping in some kind of delicious sause and topped with peanuts — so good. If you are in DC — definitely try out SEI!

I knew I wanted a more intimate “party” with my closest friends in the area. Unfortunately, Heather couldn’t make it down from NYC but she was definitely there in spirit.

Of course I had “nothing to wear” so two hours before going out, I went to the mall to my new go-to dress store, Arden B. I found that little number quickly and spent more than I wanted too. But…my friends said it looked great and was a perfect honeymoon dress as well so…I just let it be. I wouldn’t normally get something like that but it felt good to do something a little different.

After a great dinner at SEI, Michelle (nearly 9 months pregnant!) called it a night and I don’t blame her! The rest of us headed to Ceiba (I’ve heard their food is awesome too!) for a round of drinks.

We hung out there for a bit and then to The Hamilton — kind of a fancy schmancy bar in downtown DC. It was pretty tame but…I definitely wasn’t looking for anything crazy. We just chatted, drank some more and hung out — calling it a night around 1am.

It was really perfect — love hanging out with my good friends and that’s all I wanted for my batchelorette party. They have all made me feel so special since I got engaged and it has meant so much to me!

And NOW….we are off to Jamaica to get married! I will have a few guest posts up throughout the week while I’m gone so please come back and see us here at The Sweet Life!

We are getting married on Wednesday at 4pm so you can be thinking of us then if you like 🙂

When I come back, I will be at Mrs.!

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