The past week I’ve been outdoors more than I have in years (feels like it at least!) But I am not complaining — I love the spring!

The day after we got home from Jamaica, R bit the bullett and bought us some bicycles. We’ve been talking about it forever and it was past time. So we rolled over to Sports Authority and bought them on the spot!

On Sunday, after had both already done our gym workouts, we took our second spin down the Mt. Vernon trail.

I was excited to have just received a new Reebok fitness shirt to show off as we pedaled about 15 miles — stopping to take photos along the way obviously.

We actually rode all the way down to Roosevelt Island, which hosts a variety of trails, fishing spots, scenic places to sit, Presidential statues and memorials and a beautiful view of the Georgetown harbor.

Washington Monument in the background

I was really glad to have a new “toy” and something to use for crosstraining — as well as a fun thing for R and us to do together. He doesn’t really love running so we don’t get much of that in but bikes are going to work for us!

We are already talking about biking down to Mt. Vernon — to George Washington’s home — and biking in to DC for a variety of activities.

Unfortunately, I hurt my lower back doing tire flips at crossfit this weekend so sitting in the curved posture didn’t help me much — and my butt was realllly sore the next day. I was wondering how people ride all day — I don’t think that would be my idea of a good time.

Nevertheless, it felt good to use new muscles, feel the wind in my face and glide breezily down a pathway I’m normally running! For long runs, I typically run at least what we rode on the bikes today so it seemed incredibly fast getting down there.

We did get in a little running just to even things out and make ourselves completely worn out!

We walked around the Island for a bit, a little easy nature before heading back. As you can imagine, I was exhausted! R and I were talking about trying to change our diets a bit on the way back — he says he’s putting us on the “R Paleo Diet.”

I could never follow paleo strictly but I do need to watch my carb and sugar intake. It’s rough! More vegetables at dinner — more protein throughout the day, it must be done. More on that later…

Anyway, as for for the Reebok shirt, I like the comfortable, dry fit of their workout shirts and I was obsessed with this coral color on me! They often feel almost like a “silky cool,” very pleasant clothing if you ask me 🙂 You can also see a light blue tank underneath it — that’s also Reebok from the Tara Stiles yoga line. It is SO soft and awesome, love wearing it.

Well, I guess you can add “bicycling” to my list of fitness activities now 🙂

Are you a fan of biking? Do you use it to cross train? Why or why not? 
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