I’m sure things will feel normal again soon but this week has been insane.

I’ve kind of felt like a pacifist in recent years. Though I know world peace isn’t possible — because this is a sinful, often hateful world — I still find myself drawn to that mindset.

I don’t understand hatred or evil. I don’t understand why people would kill over land or religion or ideology. I don’t even understand why people hate those in their personal lives for superficial reasons — like gossip or because someone is “bitchy.”

I’m often naive…I admit it. It’s hard for me to accept the bad intentions of others when personally, I have good ones. I give people the benefit of the doubt, probably too much. That’s not a fault — it’s just a reality.

And this week also reminds me that many in the Middle East face this kind of bloodshed daily. They are, in a way, more “used to it” than us, though I am guessing you don’t ever get used to it.

Waco seemed unreal after Boston — and now there are police officers dead? When does this end? The Onion put it best: 

Following what could only be described by witnesses as the goddamned week to end all soul-crushing weeks, sources all across the nation reported that, sorry, is all this shit really happening at once? Because if all this shit is really happening at once, multiple reports verified, then this might actually be, honest to God, one of the worst weeks of all time.

Anyway, can’t bring myself to write about anything normal today. Just sharing in the sadness with everyone else. 

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