This day two years ago, I started The Sweet Life!

It began as a hobby for me to talk about what I like to do, my favorite things and simply as an outlet for my voice without another appropriate place to go.

I never knew it would become a place people would come back to read day after day. It’s been such an awesome experience for me.

I’ve gained knowledge, support, inspiration, and friends through writing this blog. Just documenting my workouts and struggles has given me strength and motivation.

Thank you for being here, supporting me and being a part of my life through The Sweet Life.

I wanted to share my top posts of all time in honor of our 2nd birthday!

1. How I love 50 Pounds Through Zumba

2. Top 7 Wedding Diet (or Crash Diet) Tips

3. Crossfit At Home: 10 Items You Need

4. 7 Rituals For Running When You’re Unmotivated 

5. Eating Disorder Prevention: 10 Things Moms Should Never Say To Their Daughters

I’ve also been very proud of my posts relating to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the humanitarian issues that go along with helping those in need. You can find all of those posts collected here.

You can find more of some of my favorite posts here. I need to find a better way to collect everything in an organized manner! When you are blogging 5 days a week for 2 years, there is a lot to sort through!

You can check out my full marathon race reports here — definitely some of my favorite posts of all time! 

We’ll see what the next year brings — hopefully lots of fun, new ideas and new friends and readers 🙂

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