Tiffany, me, Lindsay

My tropical bridal shower? Okay!

Saturday, I got to be the star. I know that sounds silly but…all my life I’ve been attending bridal showers and baby showers and weddings. And for the first time — this time — it was me! It was a wonderful day and I’m SO thankful to my friends for making it happen.

Michelle and Maggie put together an awesome Jamaica-themed bridal shower complete with leis, tropical food (black bean, mango and coconut cream tacos), fruity drinks, flowers and a beautiful coconut cake!

Michelle, me, Maggie, Ariana

It was also grand because the weather FINALLY became nice! The sun was out, people were singing on the sidewalks because it felt so good to be a nice day!

I loved all the springy colors and the leis made everything stand out really nicely. It was so sweet that the girls brought the tropical theme into the shower since we are getting married in Jamaica. 

I think my face sums up how special I felt!

We had the shower at a clubhouse, which is a really nice, spacious room with a kitchen, tables, chairs, etc. These days its hard to get together with a big group of friends so having so many together in one room was a real treat for me.

Everyone’s cards were amazingly sweet and it was so nice to get some new things for the kitchen and for life. I’m really excited to try out “The Pioneer Woman” cookbook.

Then it was on to the games! Actually, now that I’m putting this together, games were first but…ahh well! Here’s a peak at how they went:

Amy, me, Elissa as the brides

We played the toilet paper wedding gown game, which can always be fun, especially if you have some creative peeps on your team. Luckily, my friend Ari has actually worked in fashion design so she had all kinds of good ideas. We were “Vera Wanging” it up with the TP. And…we won!

I also loved loved loved the dress I ordered to wear. Such  good deal on The lace was the perfect touch and I wanted to capture that in this pic:

You know half the fun of a shower of any kind are the cute foods you get to see and eat! Themes and cuteness make it! I was so thankful to Michelle and Maggie for putting together these amazing treats, including:

  • Mango & black bean tacos w/ coconut sauce
  • Rainbow fruit kabobs
  • Cheese plate w/ various crackers and cheese
  • Coconut cake
  • Mimosas

All of it tasted awesome and suited the theme so well!

Oh and don’t forget the little umbrellas! No tropical thing would be complete without those! I am a big fan of the mid-afternoon light fare. We had the shower at 3pm, a bit later than most but I enjoyed the later hour.

It was so nice to have friends from all different parts of my life there. I have various groups of friends — from church, from work, from blogs. Even though this party was already fairly big, a lot of people still couldn’t make it. Either way, I was so thankful to those that could and had so much fun hanging out.

Melinda, Elissa, me, Jesse, Amanda

And even friends I haven’t seen in awhile — like Amanda (below!). That’s the great thing about these events — they inspire people to reunite in the spirit of happiness 🙂 It was awesome seeing Amanda again — and the photo below is a replica of our “Run Amuck” team from a couple of years ago.

Me, Amanda, Michelle, Maggie

The girls had also interviewed R — one of the things I like best about showers because you get to hear some sweet stuff 🙂 This was no different. I got 13 out of 20 questions right — but some were really hard! Of course the best part was hearing his answer about when he knew he wanted to marry me — such a sweet answer. Even though I have heard him say these things before, it was pretty cool to hear it again (you don’t get sick of it that’s for sure!)

He can be very romantic with his words sometimes and I definitely teared up for a second. Like everyone, we have our disagreements but he always makes me feel like the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and that is an amazing feeling.

Had to include a full shot of the dress!

Needless to say, I was a happy girl this weekend. I sometimes wish it didn’t take a wedding to bring people together but it’s sure nice when it does. Everyone was super sweet to me this weekend and I am looking forward to bridal shower #2, which takes place in Indiana in a few weeks 🙂

The cute party favors and poem that Maggie wrote for guests!: 

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