Crossfit can help you lose weight? Yep, it happens. Since I joined crossfit over a year ago, I’ve noticed some folks in my gym really shaping up. It reminded me that crossfit can be a huge tool for weight loss success.

I’ve seen people walk through the doors of Trident that don’t look like they’ve been to a gym in sometime. And I admire them so much for taking the leap.

Exercising when you are overweight or have not been to a gym in years can be very intimidating — especially when you walk into a Crossfit box with all it’s hardcore gear, loud music, rowdy people and don’t forget about the muscles! 

I wanted to talk to someone that had done just that. One of Trident’s most recognizable faces turned out to have a success story of his own. Want to hear why? Mason Shupe lost 126 pounds doing crossfit! Yep, you read it right.

Birds’ eye view of Trident, Mason’s crossfit box: 

Here’s my interview with Mason:

Interview with Mason Shupe, Crossfitter

1. When and how did you first hear about Crossfit?
I first heard about Crossfit from Andrea (owner of my box Trident). She had watched me slowly gain weight and mentioned to me that I should do something about it. She was the only person who was honest to me. A true friend!.

2. Had you done other sports/fitness activity before?

In high school I had participated in wrestling (went to regionals) and post school got involved in karate and weight lifting.

3. What inspired you to start crossfit?
Again my inspiration was Andrea.

4. Did you intend to lose weight when you started?

I did intend to lose weight. That was my only reason for starting!

5. How much weight did you lose? How quickly?

Over the course of a year I lost 126 lbs

6. How much did crossfit play a role in the weight loss? Did you change your diet as well?
CrossFit played a huge roll in my weight loss as well as a change in diet. The sense of community in the box inspired me to keep coming back and that in turn sped my weight loss

7. How long have you kept the weight off and how does crossfit help you with that?
I have kept the weight off for two years and I believe that if it wasn’t for Crossfit I would not maintain and continue to build my physique.

8. What do you love about crossfit?
What do I love about Crossfit? What don’t I love? THE WODS!! 😉 [Workout Of The Day], the community, the support, the people! They are the reason I keep coming back.

9. Many people say community is a huge benefit, how is that true for you?
The community is such a large part of why I come back. It certainly isn’t the hard work that each WOD represents. It’s the encouragement and acceptance that I get from my friends and fellow athletes.

10. Do you have a favorite WOD?
Any wod that has pressing, roll outs. GHDS, benching are my favs. Any with squats, pistols, and rowing are a bit more hateful for me

11. Do you wear a particular kind of shoe or brand/style of clothing?

I don’t really wear a particular brand or style of clothing. Loose and comfortable is my goal. Shoes need to be supportive for my old feet. I think I am doing well to be very close to 50!

12. I’ve noticed you wear the knee socks, what’s the deal with those? For style or shin protection?
My knee socks are for both protection and style. They are also to make Chad jealous!

13. Have you ever had any injuries from crossfit? If so, how did you deal with them?

The only injuries I have had are planters in my right foot. Stretching and icing was all I had to do.

14. Talk about Trident in particular — what’s so great about this box?
Trident has such a supportive feel to it. I feel that the coaches really give you their attention and watch to make sure that all moves are done safely and correctly. Then there are the clients (us)!! We rock. Nuff said.

15. How long have you been crossfitting? Will you keep doing it indefinitely?

I have been Crossfitring for about 3 years and don’t plan on stopping.

16. What do you say to someone who wants to lose weight and is considering crossfit?
I say that if you want to lose weight then Crossfit is DEFINITELY for you. While losing weight, you will gain the added benefit of toning as you go. Take it slow, use good form, and listen to your body and you will be fine.

17. How much does diet play a role in maintaining your weight loss? What are your thoughts on Paleo?

You cannot out train diet. Paleo is great for short spurts then ya got to cheat!! 😉 it’s a clean way of eating though….

19. Did I miss anything important you’d like to share about your experience? 
CrossFit is a way of life. Embrace it and go for it.

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