Hello from sunny Orlando! Oh wow, the weather feels so great here and I’m excited. Its been years since I’ve spent any time in Florida so I feel lucky to be here for work.

Heritage has their annual conference in a difference city each year and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to go.

Later today, I’m moderating a panel on social media with reps from Facebook, Twitter and Google.

This is a beginner crowd so I hope they have lots of questions we can answer and get them excited about being more active on social media.

I visited Facebook DC earlier this week and got a second look at their famous wall. As you can imagine, the Facebook offices are pretty cool — mostly because they have all the snacks and drinks you can think of 🙂

What do you guys think of the updated Facebook app? I really like it!

Baby Time!

Earlier this week, I also went to Michelle’s baby shower! It was SO cute and themed around her nursery, with monkeys! I was more than happy to hang out with my friends again. It’s hard to get together when we all live so far apart even though it’s in the general area.

I’ve not been to a ton of baby showers in my day but this one was really fun. Michelle’s mom put a lot of work into making it super cute and even put together a “real” jeopardy board — which was filled with trivia about Michelle and Nick.

Michelle also made one of her famous ombre cakes — I don’t know how she does this icing but it’s soooo pretty and looks amazing.

Also, super tasty! I was just waiting around for the cake really. I’m one of those people that wants triple the icing to the ration of the cake.

Well, I have a busy day ahead but I wanted to check in with my peeps! Time to get in a quick workout, and work work work!

One more shot before we meet again:

FREE: Simple Faith Practices for Busy MomsYes, please!