Over the weekend, my dear friend Lindsay came to visit from South Carolina for my bridal shower.

I was so excited for her to come because even though I live in a fairly cool place, it’s actually been hard to get friends to come visit for the past 7 years! (Last time we hung out we met in the middle.)

She came in Friday afternoon and I was pumped to spend some time with one of my besties. Of course no friend weekend with me would be complete without at least one fun workout!

After a fun night out on U Street at one of my favorite DC bars, Local 16, we were not ready to run any marathons on Saturday morning but…I was determined to get in a good workout in the beautiful weather and revitalize my energy!

Hanging out at Local 16 on Friday night

It’s about a 1.5 mile walk from my house to a little park down the road. There, they’ve got all the weird park “gym” equipment that no one ever knows what to do with.

Since I had recently created a circuit workout for this park, I figured I might as well re-use it for this one with a few add-ons. So, Lynz and I went with this:

So if you actually repeat this workout 5 times, more power to you — because it was hard. Those 25 burpees are NO joke!

I decided to only go through it once but added a ton of extra stuff:

  • 3 rounds of 20 jumping lunges
  • 3 rounds of 10 jumping squats
  • 2 rounds of 10 fake chin-ups
  • 3 rounds of 10 bar push-ups
  • 10 toe-to-bars
  • 1 minute plank, 30-second side planks

I think that was it. I was just throwing random stuff together to make myself feel like I was getting in a good workout! Those jumping lunges and squats will make your glutes say uhhh the next day!

Also, there was this weird balance beam thing that we both attempted and succeeded in holding for about a milisecond!:

Doing some bar push-ups:

Bar push ups

As I’ve mentioned before, we FINALLY had good weather this weekend. Soaking in the sunshine was such a godsend. It feels like it has been winter for years now. I forgot that shorts and sunshine actually exist. Even though the wind was still chilly, it was nice to feel good about being outside for once.

Adding in the 3 mile walk (there and back), this ended up being a pretty solid Saturday workout. I skipped crossfit but considered this my own crossfit-style outdoor workout. It was fun, varied and I was satisfied to move on with the day afterward.

Obviously, we had to be silly girls and do a couple of these:

On Sunday morning, we ended up skipping the workout bandwagon and heading down to King Street, where we saw the cherry blossoms out and about — which was awesome! I was jealous of friends running the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in DC (which I always fail to remember to sign up for!) but it was still amazing to walk outside and revel in the good weather.

After eating brunch at Union Street Public House, we ventured down by the water and took a few pix as well. Lindsay and I actually came back down to Alexandria later in the day to have a drink at Chadwick’s, which is always busy in Sundays.

Anyone else mix up your workouts this weekend? Get some fresh air in the finally warm weather? I think variety is key for staying motivated!
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