Oh hey there…what’s up? Handstands are one of my favs. After this workout (lotsa handstand pushups), my shoulders were aching for days! But it was the good kind of ache so I was all good with it.

After feeling a little down about my crossfit progress last week, my spirits have lifted a bit. I heard a lot of good feedback from people who had felt similarly in the past. I also realized that I’m better at some things than others.

For example, I am a baller at single arm dumbbell cleans. Also, not so bad at slamballs and box jumps. Now that the Open is over, maybe the pressure will be off a bit? Seems like it. I think the lesson in crossfit is this: make every rep count. That’s what matters. It’s you agains the world — make it count!

Then I had this picture taken and was kind of surprised to see, real, live muscle showing. It exists! This morning at Trident, I was pretty happy because the WOD was:

Front Squats (10, 8, 8 @ 85%, 75%, 70%)
*10 rounds for time: 
8 goblet squats (I used 44 pound kettle bell)
7 kipping pull-ups

Yowza that’s some pull-ups! It was the first time I actually ventured to pull-up instead of do ring rows for the workout. And…I actually made it up several times with my chin over the bar. Progress!

I also got a huge, massive rip on my hand, reminding of my days in gymnastics as a kid!

I asked one of the coacheshow can I get myself to do a dead hang pull up?! She said just keep doing the kipping pull-ups over and over — as well as negative hang pull-ups, where you lower yourself down slowly from the bar.

Normally, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays are a battle between going to crossfit or going to Back on My Feet. This week, I’ve been lucky that BoMF has been over by 6:30am and I can rush on over for the 6:45am crossfit class.

I don’t prefer doing that because I’d rather not do cardio before crossfit but…it works best for my schedule so I went for it. Today, I still had plenty of energy and motivation while Wednesday I felt like I was going to die doing thrusters because we had done over 3 miles of hills at BoMF!

Was excited to get some new Reebok gear this week! I ordered these with the gift card they provided me. Loving the crossfit t-shirts they offer and here’s one of my new ones:

I got another but I’ll have to show you the pic later! I saw these pants on Julie Foucher when I met her and have been semi-obsessed ever since, so I had to get them! Print pants are all the rage these days — I’m actually surprised more brands aren’t doing more options for prints yet! I’ve been buying prints and always get compliments on them!

Don’t you love them?!

I’m excited for the weekend (slightly excited because Saturday crossfit is the most fun of the week!) and feeling pretty good! I got my wedding dress — and it’s official — I cannot gain a sliver of weight or I’m afraid it won’t zip!

That actually sometimes makes me really anxious but I’m going to try not to let it bother me. It would be good to lose a pound or two but I’m not going to sweat it. Just keep doing my thing and assume that one month from now all will be well.

Only three more weeks till I get to see this little one!:

Have you ever gained some much-needed perspective on your workouts or abilities? What is one thing you do really well that others find difficult?

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