I’m feeling pretty down this week.  Blogging is not coming to me like it normally does. I’ve been out of town, my schedule is off, life seems to be speeding by, I think too much. 
I will have a recap of South by Southwest hopefully tomorrow but just didn’t have it in me to get it together yet. Sometimes everything seems like so much effort — effort I just haven’t had yet. 
I almost skipped the gym this morning — I didn’t even care that it would make me feel better. Thankfully, I got myself there and yes, I felt my spirits lifted.
Like many others have written lately, my life is not always as great as it may sometimes seem on this blog. Of course I talk about all the positive stuff, I use this blog to stay positive, to help others glean something helpful from it.  
When I was younger, I used to only write when I felt depressed — which was a quite a lot back then. Now, I try to avoid writing when I feel that way because it seems to only make it worse. Which is why I will just say…I’m feeling down. 
I posted the photo above as a reminder to myself of the kind of home I strive to live in. It’s easy to forget those simple principles and I see the purpose of having something nice like that hanging in the hallway. I think it’s time for me to invest in something similar. 
Until tomorrow...think good thoughts. Thanks ya’ll.
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