I didn’t have anything but a selfie — sorry! 🙂

Run: 9 miles in 1:28
Temp: 35 degrees
Clothes: Old Navy pants, Mizuno shoes, Brooks shirt, Lululemon sports bra

Yesterday I went out for a good, old-fashioned run. No watches, no goal, just some music and my legs!

It was pretty cold — about 35 degrees (cold to me!) but luckily, I’ve really learned how to dress for the temps this year. I think I’ve run outside more this winter than any other.

Thirty-five degrees means a long-sleeved shirt, topped by a short sleeved shirt, long pants, gloves and something to cover your ears. Perfect!

My stomach wasn’t feeling so great (thanks PMS), but I knew I could get through this and feel better. The truth is, I didn’t really have a great run. I didn’t really wanna go but…then I saw this:

I started off in the first mile thinking…could I just do 2 miles and be done? But, I knew that just wouldn’t do so I kept on. I was listening to one of my oldest playlists, which included “Lose Yourself” by Eminem so that was pretty motivating.

Despite the looming thoughts to turn back, I knew that if I went all the way one way, I’d HAVE to come back! That’s one little trick I use to get myself to run ALL the miles 🙂

At the halfway point (which I wasn’t sure how many miles), I felt like it was an eternity to get back. But I knew the faster I ran, the faster I’d be done so I pushed it.

The sun had gone down and the wind was biting at this point! I booked it back rounding the corner home to Miranda Lambert’s “Mama, I’m Alright” and was so glad to be inside. Miranda looks like she knows how to make a girl workout, right?

She doesn’t know it, but Miranda is my celebrity BFF

I was clueless as to how far I’d gone but calculated base on time. Turns out, I had run about 9 miles! It’s been months since I’ve clocked that mileage. Actually, not since the Rehoboth Beach Marathon (or before in training.)

I love doing Crossfit and my legs needed a running break but it always feels amazing to get a good run in. My serotonin levels go through the roof!

The moral of yesterday’s run? Sometimes you CAN do it even when you think you can’t. And, usually, it’s darn well worth it.

How do you push through when you really don’t want to?

Anyone else get a great run in this weekend? Tell me about it!

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