If I’m in a pinch and need a quick fix for a snack or meal, Naked “Green Machine” smoothies are a regular go-to. They have more fruit than veggies and while I’d prefer the opposite, I still know I’m filling up on something good for my body.

Until this week, I hadn’t really tried any other Naked flavors. Boy, was I missing out! The first thing I do when choosing a drink is check the ingredient list. If water, sugar or an artificial flavor is first on the list, that drink is out.

Not a problem with Naked. Their first ingedient is always the fruit itself. I was asked to try Mighty Mango and Strawberry Banana. Happily, I obliged.

Mighty Mango

Mango is one of my all-time favorite flavors of anything and the Naked smoothie did not disappoint.

The mango flavor was very present, sweet and not artificial tasting. Both of the smoothies have the perfect density for drinking. I actually love the feeling of that on my tongue and have a hard time not just drinking till its gone! What’s inside? See here:

Strawberry Banana

The strawberry banana was also delicious. It was creamy and natural tasting. Both are perfect for an afternoon snack or even substitute small meal if you are in a rush. Heck, break one open and call it dessert at night. They top out at 290 calories, but that’s not bad if it’s between that and a big bowl of ice cream.

Here’s the real “inside” scoop on SB: 

When you are faced with rows of sweet bevvies lined up at the supermarket, it’s a tough call. It’s actually fairly overwhelming when you want to pick the right thing but aren’t sure.

Always, check the ingredients list first! Naked will usually be your best bet. Also, they are sold everywhere, including airports — where it’s often hard to find a healthy option. I grabbed one last time I was flying out and it saved me from being starving on a flight that doesn’t serve snacks (I’m so sad they don’t serve snacks on planes anymore!)

I didn’t want you to see my tired eyes this morning (pre-make up!) but I did drink the rest of my Mighty Mango for breakfast!:

That’s a great first breakfast for me! But, I always need a snack around 10am so second breakfast will definitely coming 🙂

Next time you are wondering which smoothie to get, you’ll remember NAKED!  

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Naked Juice is worth its weight in good! There’s a pound of fruit in every bottle.   
Naked Juice has partnered with charity Wholesome Wave to improve access to fresh produce in communities across the country. You can help by visiting www.nakedjuice.com/gooddeeds. 
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Do you like Naked smoothies? Do you think it’s hard to know which drink is the “healthy” option? I remember drinking kool-aid as a kid, thinking it was good because it had no fat. Man, how messed up was THAT thinking?!

* Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Naked Juice via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Naked Juice. 


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