Wearing Reebok wide strap top, sublite trainers and track jacket

If you are like me, you’ve got a park somewhere near your house with all kinds of weird looking exercise equipment.

What do you do with it? It looks out of place. I never used to use it. But since my workouts have become less conventional, I decided to take advantage of park.

I performed Saturday’s workout in my new Reebok Sub-lite 1.0 trainer shoes — which I absolutely love. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive multiple pairs of shoes from Reebok but these are by far my favorites. It started withe pretty coral color but I soon found out they were comfortable and a great level for both Crossfit and typical strength and cross-training.

One of my favorite moves is the simple jump. Just up and down on the bench — it’s hard work and a good work out. I incorporated the move into a workout I made up for the park and it worked well. The park was good for this because you don’t have anything like this to jump on if you are doing an at-home work out.

I mean, why not pose in front of the poster thingie? Anyway, it was a gorgeous day outside and I was just really excited to be outside in the sun for once. Even though it’s almost April, the weather has been so cold. And they are predicting a ton of snow this coming week — ugh!

Anyway, we took a 1.5 mile walk to the park near our apartment and got creative. I came up with this on the spot, then copied it for you here.

Being at the park reminds of recess as a kid on the playground. I was always obsessed with any kind of bar you hang on and swing from. That’s one reason I love Crossfit so much — reminds me a little of childhood.

Plus, it’s really nice to just do something different. You can’t tell me you’ve never gotten sick of the treadmill and the elliptical and the same old thing day after day. I was so tired of our little apartment gym I couldn’t bear the thought of doing anything more in there yesterday while the sun was shining.

I definitely added the handstand just cause it’s like my favorite thing to do. Sometimes I can get a good walk going and stay up there for quite sometime. Other times, not so much but it’s fun to practice. Plus, it’s good strength training for those hand stand pushups I still can’t do at crossfit!

Believe it or not, I think I can maybe only do one perfect push-up, even at this point. I mean, if you are doing it right, a perfect push is super hard. Your arms are narrow, your elbows go back and you get all the way down and back up in one fail swoop.

I pretty much always do knee push ups, which are still hard after more than a few. Just like the pull up, I will get there one day.

And if you are like me, you can’t do a real pull-up (yet!). Actually, I was having a real complaining fit about how I can’t do them the other day. Then, RS looked it up and it turns out only something like 4% of women (maybe) can do a pull up. I’m not sure if that’s accurate but I was really surprised it.

It actually didn’t make me feel that good because I said…I’m not an average woman. I’m a woman who works out a lot and is really trying to get a pull up! But, I know I will eventually get it. In the meantime, I have to do jumping pull ups in the park, where you give yourself a jump to pull up. Not the same but it’s still working your arms.

And this last picture is really just me pretending I’m a track start about to bust out a super speedy 100M in the Olympics.

Do you ever use the equipment in the park? Any creative uses? Would love to hear them!
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