Wearing my new Reebok PWR Wide Strap Long Bra Top!

Happy weekend everyone! So I woke up this morning so unmotivated. This happens pretty much every Saturday. For a girl that wakes up at 5am to work out nearly every weekday, it’s hard to believe how difficult it is for me to get moving on the weekends.

I forced myself out of bed knowing that it was going to take a good 2 hours to get myself moving. I really wanted to hit up the 8am crossfit class but knew that was highly unlikely. And I was right.

After 2 cups of coffee, cold water splashed in my face and half a mint chocolate chip Balance Bar, I layered up and headed to Trident. Man, I’m glad I got there for 9am at least!

I quickly made a new friend and partnered up for today’s killer awesome workout. Saturdays are the most fun because the workouts are usually longer and more varied. Saturdays are the day to kill it at the box.

Here’s a great thing about going to a workout class on Saturday morning: everyone is happy to be there. It’s Saturday! We are happy and ready for a great workout. By the way, when you are finished, it’s like the best feeling ever.

And, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s so easy to mesh with people. Though sometimes when they make us pair up at Crossfit, it feels a little like 5th grade gym class, it’s actually good for meeting people. Know what I loved about today? Cartwheels! I mean, someone puts a cartwheel into my workout? Awesome!

After my partner and I finished our sets, we high fived and said “that was awesome!” feeling full of endorphins and ready to tackle a busy Saturday 🙂 Did you start your weekend with a work out? What was it?

The Goods!

Super excited to get a lovely shipment of Chobani this week with their new flavors, pear and banana. Since I’m not overly pumped about eating plain old banana yogurt, I’m going to mix it up with peanut butter and freeze for some homemade frozen yogurt. Post to come on that one. 

Ever since I tried Ben and Jerry‘s new greek Peanut Butter Banana fro yo, I’ve been dying to try making my own! 

I also got some new Reebok digs yesterday — including the top I’m wearing in the first pic up top. I can never have enough work out clothes (seriously) because it seems like you need so many different kinds depending on what you are up to. Plus, it’s actually difficult to find favorites — things that are the most comfortable and you don’t have to mess with. I like the top they sent this month because it’s longer and you don’t have to worry about pulling it down.

I also got some new shoes, which I’m interested in trying out to run in. Ya’ll know I’m die hard Mizuno for marathon training and running but I’m willing to give these Real Flex Scream 2.0’s a try. I’ll hand it to Reebok, they’ve got the awesome color thing DOWN!:

If you are interested in the Reebok shoe model, check out this video:

They also sent some pants but I’m going to test those out tomorrow when I run the Love the Run You‘re With 5k in Pentagon City for the second year in a row! I’ll be running with my friends from Back on My Feet and love that it’s so close to home. In fact, I’m going to run to the race, run it and then run home. That’ll give me about 7 miles total, which is good for the day!

Until next time, I’ll be working on my pull-up! What are you working on?

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