My second year in a row running the Love the Run You’re With 5k — and it was a good one! Not as cold as last year — thank goodness!

Since the race was down the road from my house, I ran the 2.25 miles to meet the team pre-race around 8:15am.

The race started at 9am sharp and off we went. I ran with Larry from Back on My Feet and was super impressed at his awesome pace. He’s come a long way since last year. This was his first race ever last year and he did much better!

Like most other races, this one had a great spirit about it. I saw a group of people dressed up as bunnies — which was a little weird but still fun. Lots of heart headbands and plenty of red and pink abounded.

Most people hung out on the local restaurants nearby to wait for the race to start because of the cold but the Back on My Feet crew was outside, stretching, cheering and saying the serenity prayer. It was so great to see everyone. I’ve been sick and busy lately so my attendance hasn’t been as stellar as it could be.

One of my favorite runners, Rodan (above on right) was there as well! I have an interview coming up on the blog with Rodan — who is blind — and loves running more than anyone I’ve ever met. Stay tuned for his inspiring story soon!

For many of the guys, it was their FIRST race ever. This is huge! Many of them have never experienced the feeling of accomplishment that comes with crossing that finish line. It can be a major step in recovery. As most of you know, crossing a finish line does more for you mentally than nearly anything else! It was awesome to be a part of that!

So Larry and I crossed the finish line in under 35 minutes, which was great! We sprinted out the last bit and crossed the finish line in true winner’s fashion.  I also caught this photo of George post-race, had to post!

We then met up with the BoMF crew for a finishing cheer and congratulations. I said my goodbyes and headed back home, jogging the 2.25 miles back for a total of 7.5 miles that morning! Breaking it up like that made it feel like a lot less though!

Afterward, I showered and headed over to brunch with my ladies!

Did you run any races this weekend? Did you do anything to help someone else? Let’s hear it!
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