I remember Oprah quoting this once and it’s always stuck with me. I’m one those Oprah people — love her and I think her show was genuine and uplifting. I love watching re-runs and own the 20th Anniversary DVD set.

This quote is a bit deep but I saw it and wanted to use it — because it’s so true in life. Sometimes, we need to give ourselves a break. Sometimes, we need to give other people a break. Sometimes it takes people longer than others to know better. Remember that everyone you meet today has something hard. If you know better, do better for them even if they aren’t yet for you.

And on to the survey…

So I was very curious to see the results of my survey! Thanks to all who took the time to fill it out. Later, I thought of some questions I wish I would have included but…I will save those for next time!

I love that so many of you love the running aspect of this blog. Thank you! It makes me feel good to know people are loving it and finding inspiration from that aspect of my life.

I was only a little surprised to see that some people think I write about Crossfit too much. I know, I know — it sure is hard to tone it down though! I do understand that Crossfit is a niche sport but I also know there are folks that come here because I write about Crossfit so I’ll be keeping it all in balance, no worries!

On that note, please remember that Crossfit at it’s core is nothing more than total body fitness in a variety of ways. Whenever you are doing strengh training exercises with your body, you basically are doing a form of Crossfit. Turn up the volume & PUSH! So there I go again on the Crossfit kick…ha ha

I do have a wide variety of subjects here sometimes: everything from marathons to volunteer work to social media to Africa & more! While I try to keep an eye centered on fitness, the rest of life does seep in every now and then.  Your feedback has given me a good sense of where most people stand and I do love how easy it is to use Survey Monkey.

Thank You

I say it sometimes but you can never say it enough. Thank you. You who read this blog, I appreciate you. Most of you, I’ve never met — but I know that there are so many kindred spirits that are intertwining each day here!

I writing knowing that my words are read by friends, knowing that if need encouragement, I will find it here. I feel like I could visit your home towns and you would welcome me with open arms. We would go for a run together, get coffee, talk about books, and laugh.

Keep coming back, keep talking, keep dreaming, keep loving, keep running. Love you guys!

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