Yesterday, I had such a great brunch with my good friends Maggie and Ariana. It was kind of in celebration for Ari’s birthday but more just a reason to get together. The craziness of life sometimes makes it hard to get it together.

I was happy to meet at a place I’d never been beforeLuna in Shirlington. The Shirlington area of Arlington, VA is actually super cute but I rarely get over there because there is not metro stop and usually I’ve not particular reason to do so.

It was the perfect spot and we got a little booth to just chilllll in. We definitely took our time for a leisurely brunch & there was plenty of laughing and story telling — the best.

We all ended up getting strawberry mimosas and neptune eggs benedict. You usually can’t go wrong with that selection and we did not! I can’t say no to crab cakes. This meal was delicious, and the side of potatoes were super flavorful as well. 

After enjoying our strawberry mimosas (plus and extra one we split!), we all devoured our meals. It was nearly 2pm by the time we ate and Maggie had run 14 miles that morning!

When I checked in on Four Square, it told me that Luna had a “first timer” coupon for a free dessert. Oh how I love social media perks! So obviously we had to split something. We also decided to get some “adult coffees” to go with.

We chose the bread pudding with ice cream (soooo good!) and I got a JFK coffee, which included Jameson, frangelico and something else. It was pretty good:

I was definitely pleasantly surprised by my experienced at Luna. Our waiter was very attentive and super nice. The food was hot, timely and delicious. The prices weren’t bad either — though we racked up a bill with the mimosas and coffees.

They had a rather large menu and I’d love to go back and try Luna for lunch. If you are in the DC-area looking for a new place to try, I’d definitely recommend Luna. There is also a location in DC so check it out!

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