When Chobani sent me a shipment of their new yogurt flavors — pear and banana — I was pumped. Obviously I’m always pumped to get Chobani delivered to my door! 
However, I knew that plain old banana yogurt was not my jam. So, Michelle gave me the idea via Instagram to make frozen yogurt out of it! Sweet!
This was super easy and super delicious so check it out! 

Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Yogurt
  • Empty 6 banana yogurts into food processor
  • Add 2 regular, ripe bananas to food processor
  • Add 6 Tablespoons of peanut butter (or try dark chocolate PB!)
  • Add a few ice cubes and 1 Cup almond milk (if you want a creamier taste)
  • Let the food processor mix at least a minute so it’s completely combined. 
  •  Empty into container and freeze!

We accidentally bought reduced fat peanut butter the other week and I needed an excuse to use it up. I personally see no use for reduced fat pb on purpose, though! It’s almost as high in fat and calories and just tastes a little less good! But, figured I wouldn’t  be able to tell in the yogurt.

I’m actually semi-disappointed in Dark Chocolate Dreams. It’s just not as good as I had dreamed it would be. I did NOT use this in my yogurt but they suggest using it with bananas so I do think it would make a good substitute or combo in this.

After mixing in the food processor, ladel into a container and freeze!! I actually thought it tasted pretty good without being frozen too! 🙂

It freezes pretty darn hard so you might have to let it sit out a bit before scooping into a bowl. Then, enjoy!

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