Why not start February off with a bang?

I’m kind of like Oprah. I HAVE SHOES FOR YOU!

Well, not all of you. But for one of you — I do have shoes!

Are you ready to win? Are you ready for your very own customized pair of Reeboks? Reebok has SO many styles, colors, genres to choose from you will be overwelmed with your choices.

Reebok — by the way — has totally revamped themselves in the past couple of years. The have become cool again, so to speak. For example, these are the legs of Reebok athlete and 2nd place winner in the Crossfit Games, Julie Fouche (I think she is wearing Nanos):

So if you are into Crossfit, you can get the world’s best Crossfit shoe in just about any color you want and impress all your friends.

OR — if you can get all wacky and get something like this (guys): 

Or more traditional with something like this (ladies): 

But these are only two examples in a LONG 9-page spread of shoes. Whether you are a runner, a dancer, a crossfitter, a yoga enthusiast or a crosstrainer, there will be a pair of shoes for you here.

But you probably just want the good stuff.…like, how do I win? Glad you asked.

As usual, there are a few ways to enter this contest. HOW TO ENTER (pick ONE & leave a comment telling me which you did!):

1) LIKE The Sweet Life on Facebook HERE.
2) Tweet this. 
3) SHARE this post on your Facebook page to encourage others to enter. 

*That’s it! Contest ends Tuesday, February 5th at midnight. Winner will be announced Wednesday, February 6th. If the winner doesn’t claim the prize within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

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