Me, Ericka and Gabby pre Reebok WOD (phot thanks to Sana)
*Please enjoy today’s guest post!
Hi Sweet Life Readers, I’m Meg from RunFitKin! I’m honored to guest post about CrossFit here on Ericka’s blog. She and I roomed together at Fitbloggin 2012, and that’s where we bonded over our mutual love of running and crossfit.

When Ericka asked who was competing in the CrossFit Open, my arm shot up from the interwebs, and a virtual “Me! Me! Me!” was heard, as I am so excited that it’s that time of year again! 
March 6 – April 7 is when the CrossFit Open 2013 is happening. It is a worldwide event where anyone can participate. It’s also the first stage of finding who will be crowned “the fittest on earth”. The Games are made up of different movements that are meant to test the range of the athletes. This can be anything from deadlifts, to push-ups to running (please let there be lots of fast running…). While I have been a crossfitter for the last two years, I do it for the fun of the sport; I am not a top athlete and my lifts are limited. So why throw $20 away on this registration fee? I’ll tell you!
1) To be a part of the new community my gym is fostering. Emerald City CrossFit in Seattle is 8 months old, my husband and I switched gyms because of proximity to our house. We stayed at this gym because we really love our little community.
We go bowling when we’re not lifting together.

I want to be supportive and have my name under my gym’s affiliate. We will bond over these grueling workouts and be excited for everyone who even attempts them.

2) Because I love to compete, even if my numbers are meager. As a runner I gear up for a lot of races throughout the year. I’m competing on a regular basis, but in crossfit I don’t get as many opportunities. I do all this training, and I love getting stronger and faster, but I also want to see that put to the test.
3) Because I can compare how I’m doing with people all over the world.
Christmas Abbott is probably one of the most beautiful and inspiring athletes that CrossFit has seen. She is two years older than me, two inches shorter and weighs the same. Now let’s compare real numbers:

The day I get 100 pounds over my head I’m going to freak out, this girl can get 170!! I love that I’ll be able to follow Christmas and other favorites and see how I rank against them.

Previous years I have not been able to compete, because I felt too new, or because I was training for a marathon and didn’t think competing in the open would be a good idea. This year I’m ready to have fun and put myself to the test. The potential for PRs and a good time is what makes me know that the $20 entry fee is worth it.
Do you know anyone competing in the CrossFit Open? Why or why won’t you be joining in this year?
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