Beyonce’s unflattering photos. They appeared on the Internet today and spread like a firestorm. I first saw on a photo website that said THIS is why photographers don’t give you all the photos they take. At first, I didn’t know who the picture was…but that’s because it wasn’t model girl Beyonce. It was more real girl, I’m kicking ass Beyonce.

It was Beyonce — Sasha Fierce at her…most fierce. The girl is WORKING OUT — she is putting on a show and giving it everything she has.

How many of us look super pretty when we are doing that? Lots of singers make faces when they are in the middle of belting out their songs because they are putting their hearts and souls into it. Add dancing — for millions of people — I can’t imagine the mental preparation one puts into that.

So many things could go wrong — you’ve got to be ON.  Beyonce was on — she was super on and now we see every nitty gritty detail of that in these photos.

Apparently, her publicists are having a fit — after Buzzfeed published these. Beyonce, one of the most recognizably beautiful women in the world, has unflattering photos. Her “people” don’t want you to know she’s not perfect.

If anything, I think the photos getting splashed around are a positive for a culture of young women (and men for that matter) who are constantly inundated with the “unreal.”

While I’m sure Beyonce isn’t too excited to see unflattering images flying around the Internet, hopefully she can appreciate that for 5,000 flawless images we see of her each day, there are now one or two that refelct she’s human like the rest of us. And that’s never a bad reminder for us non-celebrities.

And actually, I think  Jezebel’s Lindy West actually said it best [LANGUAGE]: “I don’t know about you guys, but the photos don’t look ‘unflattering’ to me—they look like an epic badass doing the fuck out of her job.”

Next time you see Beyonce, I’m sure she’ll be back to this:

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