Sometimes, we can all get stuck in our reading rut habits. You’ve found the blogs you like to read and forget about trying new ones.

Come on — some of the blogs you read daily make you wonder WHY you keep reading them. Content has gotten dull or boring but you continue to click click click. Well, let’s get refreshed!

In the spirit of Katy’s 28-Day blog challenge, I was inspired to find some NEW things to read. You forget how much there is out there if you never venture out of your little circle of blogs. I found a few good ones that I wanted to share with you! Check out these 10 and add your own in the comments!

 All in My Twenties

The Daily Tay

I Wore Yoga Pants to Work

Dirt and Pearls

GridIron Lipstick

A Body That Won’t Break

I Love you More Than Carrots

The Southern Wife

Trials and Tribulations of a Fat Girl

QUESTION: What are some of your new blog finds? Please share in the comments! I’d love to keep finding new, awesome blogs to read!
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