Some of you are probably glad today’s post is not touchy-feely, personal, blah blah blah, am I right? Yes it’s a fitness post at last!

Yeah, I went rogue today. I’ve actually been forcing myself to be somewhat consistent with doing something other than cardio, hooray! That’s what a knee injury does for ya 🙂

I usually check online websites like The Traveling WOD,, my Pinterest board and my old Crossfit gym, to make up my workouts. I have to adapt to what I’ve got. Today’s workout was killer. This WOD is hard, especially when you are using this freaking 35lb kettle bell (a lot to me!) I bought.

You are seriously out of breath within one minute of this WOD and it’s really hard. I remembered why Crossfit classes are 45 minutes or less — because they kick your butt. Here’s how I kicked my own butt today:

That may look more complicated than it actually is. Sometimes that is the case with WODs but usually they are fairly simple. Let me know if you have any questions!

In addition to what’s listed on the WOD, I added another 1/2 mile jog, 1/2 walk, a short core workout, including side planks, regular planks, a variety of sit-ups and leg raises.  The whole workout from start to finish took about 55 minutes I think.

If you are going to try and do regular at-home Crossfit workouts, you should invest in a few things like dumbbells, a kettle bell or two. In fact, I even made this nifty Top 10 list last year that you might find helpful!

Um, and yeah, I know this is old and these videos have been over-done but if you do Crossfit, you WILL think this is funny. I love the part about “Is the WOD up?” because when I was taking classes, it was like every night — where is that WOD? I’ve watched this like three times now. Ha.

QUESTION: What are you doing to mix up your fitness this winter? How are you keeping yourself from getting bored or burnt out?
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