Some of you were so enthused about winter running in the comments to win the Under Armour jacket that I couldn’t help but want to share that with others! There are actually a TON of winter running benefits out there!

Also, got a lot of comments from folks in the west —  hello California readers! I always assume I’m over here on the East Coast and that’s where everyone else is but I’m pumped to find out some of you are reading from over there. And also totally jealous of everyone that lives in Cali or nearby 🙂

So I collected some of my favorite comments about winter running from YOU and posted them below. There is an entirely different vibe to winter running than spring or summer. For me, it’s more freeing and refreshing. I love the cool air on my sweaty body when everyone around me is freezing!

Top Reasons to LOVE Winter Running!
  • How awesome hot showers feel afterward
  • Getting to wear new, different and fun winter running gear
  • Breathing in crisp air
  • Not needing to carry water for medium-length runs
  • Combating the winter blues
  • Better than the treadmill
  • Much less crowded trails
  • Hearing the snow crunch under your feet

In your own words — here’s why so many of you are relishing the cold winter months by pounding it out on those deserted trails in the brisk morning air: 

I like the cool crisp air in the winter months. In the morning it seems so much more peaceful than in any other season. The hot showers feel so much better after a long run in the cold temperatures.     –Runner2379

I like winter running because of the feeling of going from cold and miserable to warm and engerized.   –Genelle
Winter running offers a chance to switch things up, play a bit, take a break, before getting back to serious training. It makes things fresh again. And there’s nothing like coming in after a cold run to the stinging warmth of the shower. — Charles

What I’ve been loving about winter running is that you really don’t get as cold and it adds a layer of beauty that you don’t see other times of the year.  — Cecil Vermule
I love running in the winter because of how powerful I feel racing against the cold and how I am all bundled up and cozy even though its 40 degrees or colder out! — Ashley
Winter running is so fun because you can wear all kinds of layers (sometimes you feel like randy from a christmas story). And you just go out and do your run-even if its cold and rainy-you are still pumped because you love it! — Leah B Frazier
Winter running is by far the best time to run outside. The cold air in the lungs feels great, its much more peaceful and empty, and you get to wear different running gear than spring/summer/fall. Eric
What I enjoy about winter running is feeling so accomplished after a run. It’s great when people drive by and give you the “what? How is she running outside right now” look. — Amanda N
Love winter running! I love hearing the snow crunch under my feet and the clarity the crisp air brings me and how invigorating it is to my heart and soul. — Kerrie Hart
I love that in the winter I dread getting my winter gear on and going outside but once I start I love to hear the crutch of frosty patches under my feet and I love that I see the sun come out and just start to melt the frosted land I’m running through. I love the fresh cold air and how all of this combined reminds me how alive I am. I love it! — Amanda Timmons
And the best thing about winter running — the absence of the oppressive heat and humidity that makes it sometimes feel like I am running through a sauna. It’s also really nice to run when there is snow on the ground… and it’s only in the upper 20s, low 30s, so it’s not too cold at all. I actually like winter running a lot more than I thought I would! 🙂 — Emily
In general I run for stress relief and for the rush of being active, getting up and going, and setting goals to real… and then reaching them. In particular I like winter running, because its more solitary. When I trail run in the winter I find its just me, my sneakers and the trees. I love that feeling!
What I really love about winter running is that even though it can SO HARD to get yourself out there with the cold/conditions, it seems to be extra rewarding when you’re moving through the crisp air and afterwards when you’re back home and warm. Love the accomplishment!Bonnie Lang
Winter running: it’s way better than doing THIS for an hour!

I love getting outdoors in the winter so that I don’t go crazy sitting inside all the time. The winters are really long here up in Canada and can start to get to you if you don’t get out and enjoy it. Just bundle up and have fun! Barefoot Marathon Mama

For winter running, there are a couple things I enjoy. Less people out on the trails and in the park, and not getting overheated on a run! In Missouri it gets super hot and extremely humid in the summer, so chilly runs are refreshing for a time. Really, I just like getting out there, weather permitting, despite the temperature! — Larissa 
Running in the winter definitely helps stave off the seasonal depression that seems to kick in after too many dark mornings, early nights and indoor time. Also added benefit of helping to burn off the increasing quanities of baked goods and red wine I seem to consume! — Kelly Kiessling
The best thing about winter running is not having to wear sunscreen! Up here in the Pacific Northwest we mostly have gray skies during winter. If the sun does make an appearance, then I’ll put sunscreen on my face, but with long sleeves and pants the rest of me is covered.
  — Lisa


The is nothing like the self accomplished feeling of a soul nourishing, grin inducing, lung filling, hamstring stretching sprint, especially in brisk and foggy weather! I love working up a sweat in the cold, turning on to my street after my normal 4 mile route, pacing myself to start cooling down and noticing that my entire body is steaming, literally! I also adore trail running. Where I live in Northern California it never really gets much warmer than the high 60’s, (the big tree, not the palm tree part of Cali) 🙂 — Chelsea Davis
I enjoy winter running, because although it is cold outside, the feeling I have when I complete my run is all warm inside. The feeling is that of completion, and pushing myself to accomplish a goal. I’m healthy and need to stay healthy so a little cold weather outside is not going to stop me! — Jackie
Winter running allows me to keep with my goals of being a fitter and healthier version of myself. It also helps me keep myself sane. There’s nothing like lacing up my sneakers after a long day at work and meeting my running partners to have a party on the pavement. Right now I am training to run the ING (Half) Marathon at the end of January to be followed up two weeks later with the Hilton Head Half Marathon. Winter running has required a commitment to myself and the journey that I am on.

  — Shalama Jackson 

Winter runner friends!
 Totally loved sharing in the joy of winter running with you! Did I miss anything? If my knee weren’t sill recovering, I’d be out there right now! Happy January running folks!
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