*Scroll down for rules on how to WIN UA clothing!

First of all, I am LOVING you guys lately. I have personally been reading a few new blogs lately (yay!) — which I will be sharing with you soon. And I can tell that in the past few months, I’ve gained some new faithful readers and it’s been so awesome.

When I share personal things, struggles, family stuff and happy stuff too, it’s so awesome to know that I’ve got friends out there reading this blog, relating to my life and sending positive vibes my way.

I’m always SO incredibly thankful when someone tells me they enjoy reading The Sweet Life, or that they feel like they can relate to me. I know there are people that read this blog from teenagers to grandmothers and I’ve been able to relate with all age groups.

So this is just a little THANK YOU for being there for me everyday, for reading what I’ve have to say, for cheering me on and feeling my pain too. You strangers from the Internet aren’t so bad 😉

NOW: On to what you really clicked on this post for — FREE STUFF! It never hurts! 

Last week, I did a review on this super-awesome Under Armour sports jacket. I wasn’t just saying it either — I’ve been using this every time I go out for a cold, early morning run lately. It’s warmer than most of the thinner, dryfit long-sleeves you find and perfect for all-weather winter running.

And, luckily, I have ONE of these jackets to give away! No, it’s no the one I’ve been wearing 🙂 The winner of this contest will receive a seperate,  brand new jacket of their own straight from Under Armour. Back side:

As usual, it’s super easy to WIN on The Sweet Life. You’ve got three ways to get your name in the hat:

1) LIKE “The Sweet Life” on Facebook here.

2) Click HERE to tweet the instant link. 

3) Leave a comment telling me what you love about winter running!

*The WINNER will be chosen on Wednesday, January 9th and announced on The Sweet Life Facebook page. The winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize. After that, another winner will have to be selected.

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