Speaking about Twitter at the #TwitterDC event

So…fun stuff from today. Let me start at the beginning…

One, I ran 6 treadmill miles — my first run in over a week. Damn it feels good after it’s been so long! I ran while reading the latest issue of “Glamour” with everyone’s fav, Zooey Deschenel on the cover. I seriously love her. 

I started with a quick arm workout:

 3 Rounds
  • 15 dumbbell curls
  • 12 hammer curls
  • 10 squat dumbbell presses
  • 12 tricep pulls (bringing the weight chord into your waist and back)
  • 10 shoulder pull downs (weighted bar above head that you pull down)

Then, I got to work on the run — which I did at about a 9 min/mile pace. I ended it with core workout including v-ups, planks and a couple of other things. Felt awesome!

From my morning run at the gym!

It was grand starting my day off with that — amping up for the Twitter panel I was going to be on in downtown DC at 9am.

I love that I get to do Twitter as a main part of my job — and truly do enjoy speaking about how I use it on panels, at conferences and even for coffee meetings. It’s fun and effective. Luckily enough, I was invited to participate in this one, for a group of politically minded social media professionals in the area. 

Twitter rep. Mindy Finn introduces us on the panel. That’s me closest to the podium!

I mostly spoke about how our organization has been able to use Twitter’s promoted products in the past year — including promoted accounts, tweets, search terms and more.

Psst: Twitter Tip

One of my favorite recent examples is from Sunday when I was watching the Golden Globes. I was enjoying show when Bill Clinton came on stage to introduce “Lincoln.” It hit me — if the Golden Globes is bringing politics into this, I can bring our political stuff into the Golden Globes on Twitter.

Within a minute I was on my computer tweeting out a few pieces we had done — one a review on the movie “Lincoln” and another on “Zero Dark Thirty.” I keyed in the trending search terms — namely #goldenglobes and set up a few tweets. The feedback was awesome! If you are using Twitter for yourself or for your company, remember to tap into the pop culture and what’s already happening in the world to promote your items creatively.

Something else exciting happened for me this week as well! I made a big decision and it involves this very blog…

Going Global! 

I never intended The Sweet Life to be anything more than my own personal blog. I never even knew there were more opportunities out there in the beginning. However, slowly but surely, I’ve been introduced to some fantastic opportunities. As my traffic has grown steadily in the past 2 years, I’ve realized the passion I have for fitness, community, and inspiring others (as well as finding inspiration at the same time!)

Because I do run ads, sign contracts and work professionally through The Sweet Life, I decided to make it official. The Sweet Life is now an LLC — which means I’m my own business. That doesn’t mean I’m quitting my job to be a full time blogger — certainly not making that kind of change! But, it opens the doors for future opportunities and let’s be honest, just sounds pretty darn cool 🙂

QUESTIONS: Do you tweet for your job? Are you looking for ways to enhance your Twitter presence in a more professional way? Anyone else love Zooey Deschenel? And…what do you think of my decisions to make The Sweet Life into a business?

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