There are a couple of reasons why I’m excited today.

First of all…I got to begin my day with Crossfit. Always a win. I almost didn’t go because I’ve not been feeling wonderful the past two days.

But I did — scaled down and got my endorphin high for the morning! Best? We were doing power snatches — as you can see me ending one in the photo above. These are the BEST! I l love them because they are fun, challenging and work your whole body.

Today’s WOD: 

15min. AMRAP

5 power snatches
10 ring dips (sub: box dips)
15 v-ups

And done. I was so sad I had to miss yesterday thanks to my irritated stomach that I didn’t want to miss today.  Trident also just started color coating their kettle bells. There’s something soothing about a beautiful row of untouched kettle bells….hmm, maybe that’s just me?

The thing about the Crossfit addiction is you really don’t want to miss a day! Trident is open six days a week and whenever I miss, I feel like I’m gipping myself. When you start getting disappointed that you have to miss a workout, that’s when you know you’ve found something you love.

Anyway, other exciting things to share. Just this A.M., as I was checking my likes on Instagram, I saw a familiar face. Now, you may not all know her, but Chalene Johnson is the creator of the very popular “TurboFire” DVD series and she….liked MY Instagram photos. She is only following 207 people so maybe I’ll get a follow back! Awesome!

Also in the fitness love department –– I made a very cool list in The Washingtonian yesterday! Imagine my surprise as I checked my stats for the day and saw I had a ton of incoming traffic from this popular DC paper.

A little clicking and I found that The Sweet Life had made the “9 DC Fitness Bloggers You Should Be Reading Now” in the “Well + Being” section of the paper. I was really honored to be included in this list!

Here’s what the front page looked like:

I was surprised I had not heard of a few of the others included but will now be adding them to my reading list! Be sure to check out the others too:

This has actually inspired me to start trying new, creative & unique fitness classes in the area and blog about them. That sounds like a blast to me! If any gyms or instructors out there are looking for blog reviews, please let me know!

Are you new to The Sweet Life? If so, be sure to connect with me here:

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