Just sitting here like this actually calmed me down.

I can start no other way but to say I am obsessed with the clothes I’m wearing in these photos! Silky soft, breathable and fabulous.

They actually come from Reebok’s brand new Tara Stiles yoga line — and they hit the spot on comfort, ease and mobility.

I don’t do a lot of yoga but when I put these on, I thought…this is how it should feel when you are going to yoga. I have actually just been wearing them around the house. 

Now, I’m someone that SHOULD be doing lots of yoga — considering my easily upset mind and stress-prone way of living. I probably need a daily chill pill. So when I actually stopped to breathe and pose for a bit of silence, even a few minutes re-centered me. PROOF: we all need a little meditation in our lives.

I wasn’t sure where to start so I went straight to Pinterest, where I’ve found many a great workout plan. I figured yoga would be no different.

I just wanted a few moves to work on a quiet environment and I didn’t remember many from the few classes and videos I’ve done in years past.

I actually found some really helpful graphics to give me a start — and then it started coming back to me. The truth is, I’d love to be able to attend a yoga class on the regular but it seems like everything costs an extra buck so compromises must be made.

Since I’m sticking with Crossfit, and I have a gym in my apartment, the yoga department in my life will be self-made. Here’s what I found to help:

Most of us are busy busy busy. We are lucky to get our daily cardio/strength sesh in and yoga or meditation seems….like the last thing we could squeeze in.  For ladies like me — who are prone to anxiety or getting a little over-dramatic when moments get tough — I think this can be a really important healthy life mechanism.

Sure, I need to put my money where my mouth is. But, yesterday I did and it showed me that it can make a difference. Your thoughts make your life, you know?

Oh — and confession? I’m all about the very slow, relaxing easy yoga…not the kind you do for a hot bod necessarily. I know there’s all kinds you can can do — bikram, pilates, etc. — and it can be really hard! The first yoga class I ever went to I was like…um, this is hard! Obviously, I was a little misinformed.

That being said, I don’t think there is anything wrong with preferring the more relaxing kind as a more meditative state, and I do.

In fact, this is my favorite move 🙂

And to end on the clothes? This Reebok yoga t-shirt feels like heaven along with the pants and aqua yoga top. I think Reebok hit the mark head on with this line. Working with Tara Stiles was obviously a win!

Are you an endurance junkie? Do you do yoga? How do you mix your workouts to fit in this important part of being healthy in body, mind, spirit? Or, do you think yoga is overhyped? I’m curious!
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