So yesterday is what some people might call cold. Some people being ME! I am the biggest wimp when it comes to being cold. (And hat tip to Jeff for helping me title this post 🙂

I remember being in middle school and feeling tortured because I had to jump into the swimming pool for gym class during winter.

I scream at the thought of jumping directly into a pool even in mid-summer. Do NOT push me!

I sit at my desk with a space heater blasting on my feet for the entire day. I’d rather sweat to death than freeze to death.

I never go anywhere without a sweater or jacket –– even when it’s 100 degrees out in case the movie theater air conditioning makes me miserable with goose bumps.

I wear thick socks with slippers at all times in my home. I’ve been known to sleep with an electric blanket on high (don’t worry, that only happened once!).

So…what would would compel me to get up at 5am and run outside in the dark in freezing cold weather? Only Back on My Feet could do it I think.

I swear it was actually colder than this. That’s me huddling in the car with the heater on before plunging into the abyss of cold that was the DC streets!

I was prepared though and a little preparation really works:

  • I wore a bottom layer of running tights topped with thick Nike running pants. 
  • I layered a long sleeved dry-fit with a t-shirt over it, zipped up and layered over by my Lululemon turtleneck zip. 
  • Then, I layered that with my Under Armour all-weather jacket. 
  • I topped my head with my Reebok Crossfit hat and then tied the hood of my Under Armour over that. 
  • I wore my thickest gloves and socks.

Somehow I didn’t actually feel like a marshmallow and felt pretty decent when I walked outside. The only issue I really had was with my face. And…had we run more than 2 slow miles, I probably would have started sweating and my body would have been totally confused. However, it was more about being there for the friends that counted on me — and I was. 

I had lounged around in bed an extra 10 minutes deciding on whether to go in the morning but of course I’m glad I did and started the day feeling positive.

The Good Stuff

Even though it’s gone from breezy, beautiful 60s to freezing, finnicky teens, there have still been some positives. For one, I’ve been loving the sunsets latel — every day, I’m overwhelmed! 

Also, Rick has been cooking some good stuff lately. He even threw together a pretty mean homemade pasta sauce! I had complained to him that it was irritating that he did not like pasta because it was such an easy meal that we could be eating on a regular basis. He claimed he did not like canned tomato sauce and sought to prove to me that homemade was best (well, obviously!) Anyway, basically it just meant I got out of cooking dinner 🙂

Honeymoon Update

Lastly, we finally figured out what we are doing for our honeymoon. After all that thought and back and forth and stressing over money, I found a decent deal. Is it what I originally dreamed of? Well, no, but I’m still very excited about it and it’s better than I thought I could manage.

Read for it? Got a great deal with flight for Sandals Jamaica (Whitehouse). I really did want to go to Sandals because it is obviously known as a honeymoon destination and I figured they would live up to their reputation even if they are “cookie cutter” as some say. I don’t give a crap! I just wanted it to be beautiful and special!

I mean, seriously, this looks pretty good to me:

So now it’s Thursday — hallelujah and I’ve got the weekend a comin’. This weekend I’m doing a long run with BoMF, then interviewing one special guy for an upcoming post or….if all goes as I hope, an article you could read in a mag (TBA!).

We are stuck in the January rut and need something new and fun to do this weekend (aside from watching the Superbowl!) I’m on a mission to find a fun Saturday night activity!

QUESTION: Are you allergic to cold like me? What extremes do you take to stay warm? Had any chilly encounters lately?

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