My current TV obsession, Shameless.

Yeah, I’ll get that in a hot second

Rest Day

Taking a break from working out today for a couple of reasons. One, I woke with a stomach ache thanks to the fried (but delicious) food I made last night for dinner. Bang Bang Cauliflower is as awesome as it looks but since I paired it with Sweet n’ Spicy Coconut Chicken Bites, it was overload

Photo & recipe are from That’s So Michelle

I finally bought some coconut oil — which is the bomb by the way — but was a little overzealous and gave myself some serious stomach pain. I have a problem cooking and sampling food so by the time I eat, it’s not nearly as appetizing as it would be if I was just getting it served to me. Oh well, lesson learned — two fried things in one meal is a terrible idea. (Still, go get those recipes & make these individually, they taste awesome!) Yeah, I already knew that.

The second reason is because I woke up with an achy knee. After yesterday’s hilly 3-miler, it’s complaining like a b. So, break. Also, still feeling sore from Tuesday’s workout.


1) The exciting news is…I’m going to be joining Crossfit for real again! I’ve gotten an opportunity to start classes and I’m pretty pumped about it. More details to come on that in the future but just had to share!

2) WINNER: Congrats to Larissa Stephanoff of Piloting Paper Airplanes who won the Under Armour jacket in the contest!

Make the Culture Pop

I was really surprised when I got a decent response from last week’s post about Pink. It made me realize that we have more in common that just running and crossfit and eating healthy. There’s plenty of you reading this blog that probably share my love of a few TV shows.

I’ll admit I watch more TV now than I ever have in my life. It’s come with that being our “us time” at home — and believe it or not, you can actually bond over television shows. Thus, I would like to bond with you over my favs!

8 Best TV Shows Right Now

1. Parenthood
Yes, it’s touchy-feely but it’s oh so good! I discovered Parenthood last year and couldn’t believe it took me so long! I sped through the first three seasons On Demand and now I’m wrapped up in the current one (haven’t watch this week’s so no spoilers!). I just like the real issues represented in the show, the hard part of family love and trying to do the right thing even when you aren’t sure what that is. It’s a sweet, family show that is very relate-able.

2. Shameless
This family is kind of the opposite of the family in Parenthood. I started watching Shameless a few weeks ago and got hooked. I’d seen previews in the past and thought it looked interested. Then, I asked what some of my Twitter peeps thought of it. The answer was affirmative and now I feel like part of the Gallaghar family. Some of the show is incredibly sad, especially knowing that there are children who live in families similar to this one. That being said, all the characters are incredibly unique, well-acted and you do feel a connection to them individually.

3. Dexter
So I’m a Showtime junkie, sue me! Dexter is just tops — from the compelling plot twists to the strange relation you feel to serial killer sometimes. It’s a strange idea but parallels some of the good/evil in our own lives. The writers have done a great job in previous seasons creating hate-able villians — especially in the creepy “Trinity Killer” episodes. While “Dexter isn’t as good these days, I still can’t stop watching!

4. Homeland
Yes, I’m on the Homeland bandwagon. Strangely, I’ve never seen an episode of “24”, which many have compared this too. I feeling oddly closer to this show since I live in Washington, DC and work in a politically-minded place that in part does focus on how we combat terrorism through good policy. This is another show that reels you in — as you find yourself sometimes sympathizing with someone you never thought you could. Claire Danes is annoyingly brilliant in this as Carrie.

5. The Mindy Project
I love this show! Every episode makes me laugh and makes me relate. Mindy Kaling takes the little things that girls our age think/say/do and then actually does them on her show. Things about ex-boyfriends, dating and what it feels like to be a single and it seems like every time someone mentions a husband they are rubbing it in your face. Obviously, I’m not single but I have been and watching this makes me laugh. Her humor is so unique and the characters on the show are quirky and not cheesy or boring. Guys will hate it but ladies, you should watch!

6. New Girl
I wasn’t sure about this one at the start but oh, it grew on me. Zooey Deschenel is soooo like-able to me and sometimes even reminds me of myself. The best character on the show is definitely Schmidt (if you watch, you know!). Mostly, this is just a cute little show with loveable characters and laughs. Some episodes are better than others but I keep coming back and really enjoy it. 

7. Modern Family
Yes, everyone loves this show — myself included. While I don’t love it as much as some, it is hilarious and each character has their own bit of humor within the personalities they display. It seems that everyone on the show is a comedian and that makes the whole thing worthwhile. Like a lot of people, my favorite character is probably Cam — but everyone play their part awesomely.

8. Happy Endings
Less popular but still funny and enjoyable. This little sitcom, starring Elisah Cutbert (who, by the way, is my least favorite character on the show) is about a group of friends and the funny experiences they live through together. Jane, played by Eliza Coupe, is actually my favorite and she does a great joy portraying a neurotic, type-A, Monica Gellar replica. Her husband, played by Damon Wayans, is a the perfect sidekick. Gay, geeky Max is another favorite. 

Do you love any of the same shows? What are some good ones I’m missing? Speak up!
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