I worked out Sunday for the first time in 6 days. It felt GREAT! As I’ve explained to many people in the past few weeks, running/working out gives me endorphins and they make me happy 🙂

Yeah yeah stealing  line from Elle Woods but that’s the simple fact of it. I feel like it’s my obligation to tell other people — and they seem to happily eat it up. Hey, all I want to do is help people live their best lives. Fitness can be a huge component of it if you let it 🙂

Of course, that kind of goes along with my shirt. Hello Reebok — the sport of fitness! By the way, this shirt is made of ultra-comfy material that I was loving during my workout. Lucky for me, the Crossfit Games just happened to be replaying on ESPN as well. Speaking of which, love this Crossfit “Sport of Fitness” video Reebok made for the opening ceremonies of the Games:

I think it’s crazy how I could watch the Crossfit Games for hours when other sports just don’t keep my attention that way. I suppose it’s the “gymnastics factor” — cause I can watch that for hours too. Finally got Rick to watch some Crossfit with me and he basically admitted it looked bad ass. He also got in on the Reebok action this month, with some Reebok men’s clothing: 

We did a little at-home work out today — on this gloomy, foggy, cold Sunday. As I mentioned the other day, I really like the Traveling WOD and other body weight/minimal weight WOD’s you can do at home so I roped him into it too.

I adapted a recent workout posted and added a couple of things on my own.

It doesn’t look like much but those of you who do Crossfit know the 21-15-9 cycle can be brutal if you push yourself. Although I find it very hard to push myself at home, I just need to get used to it. I was reallllly missing Crossfit watching the Games replay today. That being said, I just can’t fork over $200 a month to do it when I’ve got so many other expenses right now.

So it was great except for one thing. Reebok also sent over some awesome Bose ear phones — and I was so excited to get them out of the packaging that I accidentally cut through one of the chords as well as the plastic.

Grrr! I know the earphones are good because I tried out the ONE that still worked and it sounded amazing. I’m so angry at myself for doing this because these are such good quality and now I won’t have a chance to wear them 🙁 See:

So…that really sucks. Like really really sucks. I’ve been told I try to do things to fast — point in case. I guess I will let that be a lesson not to go ripping through plastic with scissors again.

Anyway, I’m still impressed by the products I’ve tried out and whole-heartedly love what this brand is doing for fitness. They are listening, they are reaching out, they are adapting to the sport of fitness in a way no one else is.

QUESTION: Ever taken time off working out and just LOVED getting back to it? Um, yeah that should be everyone!
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