My  niece, Giovanna, riding her new big girl bike from great-Grandma!

So, there were a couple of others things that went on over Christmas that weren’t me getting engaged. While I’m seen my share of “Christmas recap” posts in the last few days, I still wanted to share a few of my favorites from the week.

Family Fitness Time!

One thing that’s great about my family? You never have to worry about missing your work out when you are home for the holidays. We all usually start our day running or going to the gym.

My Dad had secured free passes to LA Fitness for Rick and I. After arriving late Saturday night, we got up and went to the gym Sunday morning (sorry for skipping church, Mom!) Travel always does bad things to me, even it’s a short flight so I cut it a little short and took it easy.

Monday morning we were all geared up for a family spin class. So dorky, right? We all thought it was hilarious that my Mom,  Dad, both sisters and I were going to be in the same spin class together. Rick opted for weight lifting instead — what a wimp 🙂

Sister pic: Lindsey, Me, Shelby

This was only the third spin class I’ve taken in my life but I knew it was going to be hard. I also had to complete 5 miles on my running plan for the day. We got to the gym a little early and I eeked out 2.5 miles before spin class.

Then I proceeded to sweat my butt for an hour — and by the way, I think hour long spin classes should be illegal. 30-45 minutes is ALL I need! The parents after class:

 So after our lovely gym sesh, it was home for Christmas Eve with the family. On that day, we had my Dad’s side of the family over. It’s hard to squish everyone from all sides in together at the same time, especially now that my parents moved to Indianapolis — an hour from where most everyone else lives in Bloomington.

It’s actually kind of nice that way, though, because then I have more quality time to spend with the different family members!


Of  course the best part of Christmas is when the kids get to open their presents because they are so excited. It was great to spend the day with my cousins Chloe, Cameron, Giovanna and my nephew Marshall. Kids rock on Christmas!

I just love how G’s sucking on her sippy cup with her little feet crossed over one another in this pic. Plus, the sitting on the presents? Adorable!

Of course these two were inundated with presents, many of which they probably don’t like, understand or appreciate but hey, that’s what you do! Chloe and Giovanna played so nicely together all day. I was in love with Chloe’s little dress and boots. With her red hair and freckles, she always reminds me of a kid in an Oscar Mayer or Welch’s grape juice commercial!

I always love seeing my parents interact with their grandkids too. They just love them so much and it was amazing to see how smiley and joyful Marshall is. He is easy to make smile and he laughs up a storm if you sing to him or play little games. You can do nothing but happy around this guy.

I caught this cute pic of Marshall with my Dad. Debate’s on about who he looks most like. I say my sister but his grandparents on Daddy’s side say he looks like my Dad!

The holidays are all about lounging around and being with the ones you love. This is not always easy for me and in fact, I struggled with the many hours sitting inside on couches but…I know looking back that I will never regret a second of spending quality time with my family, who I’m so lucky to have.

I was thankful this year that Cameron, my cousin, joined us. I don’t know him all that well since I live out of state but he is such a nice kid and I loved this photo of him playing with Marsh-man.

I took  more photos but just wanted to share a few of my favorites. Obviously, the engagement ones are my all-time fav but you can see those here! I’m actually mad at myself though because after the engagement, I like forgot about my camera and didn’t take anymore. We didn’t do our usual family Christmas pix by the tree.

It was a great Christmas because my Aunt Julie and cousin Emily were here from Florida — and I never know when I will get to see them. Also, my cousin Carlos Skyped in and was able to be there when Rick proposed as well. All of it was really special!

We hit blizzard weather on the way home and spent 9 hours in the Indianapolis Airport waiting to get a flight home. Thankfully we finally made it (had it been cancelled, there wasn’t another flight for 3 days!). Back home again was great and surreal to be engaged still but all I can say is I am blessed and happy!

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