Christmas is here! Don’t you love this photo I took? It doesn’t even look real! I’m home in Indiana for Christmas. It’s cold, cloudy, icy and dark but…I can’t complain because of the season.

We got to Indiana on Saturday night and have spent most of our time hanging out with my family. Lots of sitting around…which I’m never very good at but I’m trying adjust.

Taking off in a plane at sunset is really the perfect time. This photo doesn’t do it justice but check out my view from the plane window:

Sunday morning, my Dad got us passes to LA Fitness so we went there and worked out for a bit. My body is feeling so off the past few days so my workout was pretty sub-par but it was awesome to get moving.

Last night, we went to my friend Britney’s house for our annual gathering. I had my high school graduation party with these ladies so it’s our yearly tradition to get together. There were so many kids running around, it was crazy. How things change! We took Giovanna and the kids had a great time.

I haven’t had a chance to see my nephew, Marshall, yet so he’ll be added to this but…my favorite part of this trip has been hanging out with Giovanna. She’s just so insanely cute and a blast to play with too. I’ve loved watching Rick have fun with her as well.

It makes me happy that he’s here with my family getting to know them better. I’m lucky to be spending my third Christmas with him and this one seems like it’s the best so far.  Here’s G:

So I haven’t had a chance to upload or take many more photos than this but I wanted to check in and say Merry Christmas Eve!

We are having my Dad’s side of the family over today and I can’t wait to see them. Christmas Day my Mom’s side of the family is coming over. We always do a big morning breakfast and presents one at a time. Being in my parents big, new, beautiful house makes it even more fun!

Merry Christmas!
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