I always like to share with you the new, fun and helpful things I learn about running. It’s really an individual experience but I figure my many miles can provide some of you some wisdom.

Over the years, preferences change and…sometimes you discover something you wish you would have discovered many moons ago (for me: Mizunos and Nike sports bras!)

Just like everything else in life, wisdom comes with time so here are a few things I’ve been obsessing over lately. 

5 Running Things I’m Obsessing Over

1. Running Without a Belt.
I almost always run with a belt but lately I’ve been buying the running gear with secret pockets! If there are no pockets, I’ve been sticking my keys and/or phone in my ultra snug sports bra. I feel a bit more free without anything constricting my waist. Maybe it’s all in my head but I love t!

  • *Note to athletic wear makers: please make EVERYTHING with these hidden pockets please!

2. Not Having to Run a Million Miles Each Week.
Peak marathon training season is brutal. Sometimes I wonder how in the world I will get in those miles when my only early morning option is the treadmill (thanks to the darkness). Not having that hanging over my head is awesome but…tapering between marathons is almost not enough running for me so it’s a catch-22.

3. Lots of Clothes & Layer Options.
Two years ago, my running wardrobe consisted of cotton capris & shorts, old t-shirts, and generic sports bras I had to double up on. I would NEVER spend the money on “real” gear. Today, I’ve got multiple pairs of dry-fit pants (shorts, capris & long), dry fit t-shirts, various tanks, hardcoresports bras and sporty jacket cover ups — as well as a lot more shoes. When I started taking running seriously and actually giving a damn, the clothes became an investment. It’s motivating and makes you feel more legit. Today, I’d rather have a new running outfit than a new regular outfit most of the time!

  • *Thanks to all the races who provide awesome, re-wearable, dry fit shirts these days. Make them lok cool is even better (love my North Face Endurance Challenge Half Shirt!)

4. Headbands.
I don’t really need headbands but I do really like them. I just really started wearing them frequently after letting myself buy a bundle of Sweaty Bands. Even when I don’t have make up on (hello most every race/practice), a headband seems to help me in photos. And God knows, we bloggers love our “action” photos. I mostly wear Sweaty Bands though I was gifted a Suddora running head band and it works just as well as a Sweaty for me. Suddora has a lot of different options for various kinds of workouts — check ’em out!

5. Nuun and Emergen-C
I just started drinking Nuun during and after runs. It’s super easy to pop a tablet into your water bottle (or break one up and put 1/4th in your mini-bottles on the belt). I used to have to measure out this gatorad-ish powder individually and Nuun makes it so easy. As for Emergen-C,  use this stuff when I’m gearing up for a race or trying to prevent (or overcome) sickness. It’s like a super-power and though I don’t love the taste, I mix it up, drink it down and I’m good. Obsessed.

QUESTION: What running things are YOU obsessing over right now?

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