OUTFIT: Mizuno shoes and socks, Saucony shorts, Reebok top, UnderArmour sports bra, Sweaty Bands headband. 

I’ve now written a post on running 20 miles before work and running home from work so…I guess it’s time for my post about running during lunch. I’ve tried it all folks and there are little things that work for everyone.

I used to really shy away from running home from work or running during lunch. Ugh, get all sweaty and disrupt my day? But, sometimes you do what you gotta do, especially during marathon training season.

When I run with Back on My Feet in the mornings, I am rarely able to get my full workout in. I usually stay back with folks that need to walk or go with a shorter mileage group because BoMF is all about people and relationships for me. But that means, my morning run is a struggle.

Last week, I needed to do at least 7 miles for the day and I knew I could do it in an hour if I hustled. At 11:45am, I quickly changed clothes and ran out my office door, headphones blaring. It was a good time for a tempo run since I just wanted to get done!

What was on my ipod?

    I ran down the National Mall past all the tourists and the Smithsonions, the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument and all the wonderful things in DC. I had a new playlist so that was a great motivator as well. Yes, “Call Me Maybe” IS on my new playlist thank you very much. (Actually, the best song on there is by Matisyahu, who I’m slightly obsessed with right now!) Haven’t heard it yet? Here ya go:

    It was gorgeous outside, perfect temp for shorts and t-shirt without getting overly sweaty. I ran my little heart out and back. It’s amazing how much faster you get go when your time is limited and you’ve got stuff to do! I took the world’s quickest shower in the locker room (My office has a small gym and locker room) and dashed back to my desk. All in all, it ended up taking me almost an hour and a half with the changing, running and showering.

    The conclusion? 7 miles is probably too many to tackle on a lunch break but in a pinch — every so often — you can probably get away with it.

    The afternoon felt strange after that because I wasn’t used to that kind of workout at that time. My appetite was off and I didn’t get hungry for lunch until like 2:30, which was also weird. I certainly had more energy and liked the way I felt though.

    Top 6 Things About a Lunchtime Run

    1. You don’t have to get up at 5am and hate your life.

    2. You can have plans after work and not feel bad for skipping your workout.

    3. Super burst of creative energy post-run

    4. True escape from the “real world” in the middle of it all — pound out your frustrations!

    5. No afternoon snack attack or yawn-fest. 

    6. Forces you to run fast so you can get in your mileage in time

    *Negatives: Sweaty Betty but…if you are like me, hairstyling isn’t exactly high your list of priorities in life anyway. I have a shower at work and zip in and out, dab on a touch of make up and dash back up to the office.

    The midday run is not my favorite. It kind of stresses me out time wise but I’m glad I did it to prove to myself it can be done and it’s not that scary. I’m lucky to have a gym and a locker room at work. Right now, I don’t have a gym membership for the first time…EVER I think. Wow!

    Anyway, that was my experience with a lunchtime run. What’s yours?

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