Remember When

Remember when running was punishment?

Remember when I hated life going up and down on the stairmaster?

Remember when exercise felt like torture I would have to endure for the rest of my life if I didn’t want to be fat?

I do. It was that way for me until I was about 27. For someone who started “working out” regularly at the age of 14, that’s a lot of years to hate it.

The Beginning

I remember waking up the morning after a terrible binge and forcing myself to power walk for miles because running made me feel to floppy and disgusting. The regret and out of control I felt those days was intense.

I remember the very first time I decided to use exercise as a punishment control mechanism. I was at my friend’s 13th birthday party. After almost everyone had gone to bed, I had the novel idea that I could eat more cake and ice cream.

The option to give myself more became a new thing around that age, when parents weren’t around to dictate your dessert servings. So, I got it out of the refrigerator and proceeded to eat two more huge servings. I was in a numbed haze after than and that’s when it hit me — I will work this off tomorrow. I will run 2 miles – no 3, no 4, no 5 –I will run six miles tomorrow and that will get rid of this cake and ice cream.

I was almost 14 years old and suddenly the urge to get to the gym as soon as possible was palpable. The next morning, my friend’s mom made us a breakfast of pancakes. I was terrified of them. No thanks, I said. I’ll just have skim milk.

Unaware of how unhealthy I sounded at the time, I proceeded to tell my friend’s mom that I had eaten “so much” last night and was going to the YMCA today to run six miles. She seemed concerned but I didn’t realize it until later.

This was the summer it all began. The same summer I’ve already told you about, when I went overseas and irrationally thought I was gaining weight when I wasn’t. The food, the exercise, the restriction, it all went hand in hand.

Running Strong

That’s why today, I value my love for running and exercise so much. I never knew there’d be a time when it wouldn’t feel like pain, when it wouldn’t be associated with my eating disorder.

I never realized I could work out to be strong, not just to burn calories. Sometimes, when I feel like I “have to” exercise, the painful memories return. It’s like returning to those days when it was punishment for the lazy, selfish, fat person I considered myself to be.

Today, I appreciate capacity to run. I am in love with how it makes me feel, how it inspires me, how cool it is to find other people who understand it too. When I don’t wake up and work out first thing, it’s like I’m missing the friend I start my day with.Coffee can never take place of an endorphin rush full of sweat.

The Freedom

One reason I love marathon training is because I’m NOT doing it to maintain my weight or burn calories. That’s an added bonus but…when I go on this 10+-mile runs, it’s for the love of the run, for the training I need to prepare. It’s hours on my legs that don’t have one bit to do with burning of last night’s dessert. There’s so much freedom in that for me.

I say that I’ve found a freedom in running. That is true, though it kind of scares me. I mean, what if running were taken away from me? Any other runners ever have that fear? I do.

But then I know that freedom is at my every finger tip. I just have to choose it wherever I am. If someday I can’t run, it doesn’t mean my freedom is gone — I just have to find it in another spot. Until that day comes, I’m happy having it right where it is…tucked in my Mizunos down a long stretch of road.

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QUESTION: Do you relate to anything I wrote today? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Does this message inspire any one thinking about picking up running?
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