I have a Pinterest board called, “The Places I Will Go.” You might recognize that title from the Dr. Seuss book that every graduate receives when they finish high school or college.


I LOVE this quote and this photo because I am a world lover.

I don’t know when is started — or why. I was always fascinated when my Aunt Julie traveled to different countries as a child and I can only assume that’s where it grew.

It’s difficult for me to understand those that do not have a passionate desire to see the world like me. I’ve written about this before, of course, but it comes back to me again and again.

Why yes, climbing Mt. Kiliminjaro is on my bucket list!

My sister, Lindsey, doesn’t have that in her — she really just doesn’t seem to care. Maybe that’s due to her morbid fear of plane crashes but that would never stop me. My Dad only cares to see the United States. My entire life, he’s said to me…”there’s so many neat places to see in America — why do you want to go all the way over there?

And — don’t get me wrong — America is on the list. I want to see the Grand Canyon someday, I want to ride a horse in Montana and hike in Wyoming and watch the sunset in Utah. I’d love to spend a summer day on the coast of Maine eating a lobster or a drizzly day in Seattle at the crazy spinning restaurant you see in Grey’s Anatomy. But I’ll never be DONE!

It actually pains me to think of all the places I will not get to go in my life. I’m probably never going to see an Arctic Sunrise. I’m probably never going go sink my feet into the shores of Tasmania. I’m probably not going to slurp soup with villagers in Mongolia.

Czech Republic

Of course this is silly. I’ve been to more places in my life than many will ever go to. I have walked through an Indian temple, eaten hummus in Lebanon, seen zebras in Kenya. I’ve gone swimming in Jamaica and worn wooden shoes in Amsterdam. I’ve taught Congolese orphans to sing “Head and shoulders, knees and toes” and spent Thanksgiving eating paella in Spain.

At the border of Congo and Burundi (me, far left)

I am SO fortunate! But this is my blog and gosh darnit, I just wish I had all the money in the world simply so I could see the world over. I have even ventured to that website that tracks the people who have visited the most! Of course you can’t get quality visits if all you are doing is racking up numbers but still, it sounds amazing. I have heard of people taking trips around the world and thought it sounded like a dream come true.

I saw this pic and it just got me going. Here’s a list of the Top 10 places I would go (that I have not already been) if I could pick (in no particular order):

1. South Africa
2. Australia
3. French Polynesia/Tahiti
4. Italy
5. Brazil
6. Thailand
7. Morocco
8. The Phillippines
9. Turkey
10. Japan

Hopefully I can still check a few more off my list in this lifetime 🙂

QUESTION: Where Would You Go? Where Have You Been?

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