Remember that running books kick I talked about? Yep, still going — and I already have another book to tell you about.

This one will get you good.

“The Long Run” by Matt Long is entertaining and inspiring — a great read all the way through written in a very personal, relatable way.

Matt Long was an NYC fireman — one of those who braved the streets on 9/11 and lost many friends that day. His fierce loyalty to his family, his profession and his fitness were all factors in what helped him overcome the defining tragedy of his life.

Several years after 9/11, Matt — an accomplished endurance athlete — was riding his bike when he was abruptly run over by a massive bus. Long story short, he had less than a 5% chance of survival and his body had been mutilated by the impact.

Matt went from being an Iron Man finisher and 3-hour marathoner to being completely bedridden and unable to walk. And yet.Within months of his accident — when some scoffed at the idea of him ever even jogging another step — Matt got it in his head that he would run another marathon. It seemed impossible.

But it was that spirit that gave him the will to survive this thing in the first place. As you read the book, you go through anguishing frustration with Matt as he goes through hours of grueling physical therapy, becomes depressed and feels nearly hopeless at times. It’s a hard read in those moments. I really don’t know if I could have done what he did.

In the end, Matt accomplishes more than any average human being ever could. I won’t give it away but taking this journey with him from start to finish is well worth your time. Prepare to be hurt, inspired, tearful and joyful all at the same time.

Running the marathon no one though he would. It wasn’t fast but it was beautiful.

If you ever had a physical goal — like running a marathon, doing a triathalon, or even something like skydiving — you though you could never do, think again. This is pure mental and emotional grit and let me tell you, it’s worth it.

To Matt Long — a man full of fierce determination and iron will — thank you for overcoming and inspiring a generation of people. It’s not just what you did for yourself, but what you showed others can be accomplished if you dream big and work hard. I never tire of these stories and yours was one of my favorites.

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