When it comes to concerts, there are really two things you need: tickets and a great band. Ahh, then I found a perfect match in Stub Hub — the world’s largest online ticket marketplace — and The Black Keys, one of the greatest bands ever, in my opinion 🙂

They have this mellow sound that kind of transports me to a different era — like the 60s or another lifetime. It’s magic music — the kind that puts in a state you sometimes don’t want to leave.

The group is on tour in the next six months or so and I’d love nothing more than check them out in concert — which couldn’t be easier by purchasing tickets through StubHub, where you can easily select your seat, date, etc. You can even set your price maximum and let the website do the searching for you.

The cool thing about StubHub is that it’s owned by ebay so if for some reason you can’t go to the concert later, it’s really easy to sell your ticket to another fan. Not that I would sell my ticket to see The Black Keys to another fan.

Here’s something else I LOVE about the Black Keys: they have great graphics on their Facebook page. As a social media expert/addict, I’m totally impressed by anyone that can capitalize on things visually like this.

They have cool vintage art:

And support good causes as well: 

I love technology and I love music so I really love when a super-easy online site like StubHub can conveniently connect me to the music I love without having to worry about cancelling. Additionally, with the personal account feature, you can keep your events organized, set a calendar and set price alerts for your favorite artists and shows.

For serious concert goers, StubHub is definitely the place to keep your *ish together. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t yet downloaded every Black Keys album onto my ipod.

QUESTION: Who is your favorite artist lately? I’m on a kick with this one!