First of all, thank you. So many of you wrote so many nice, encouraging comments on my last post. It is SO great getting that support and part of why I keep blogging. This community has been such a blessing!

Good news! Yesterday, I ran 21 miles and my legs aren’t a bit sore. Wow, I guess that’s what happens when you “take it easy” which I never seem to do.

In fact, after my 21 miles yesterday, I spent a significant amount of time walking around Old Town and the mall and would you believe my legs didn’t feel tired at all? So weird.

But it makes me happy because I know I did it right. I ran the miles all around a 9:40 pace, which okay. Of course it was still hard getting through all those miles but I was happy with everything all around — finished it in 3:30.

The great thing about training for a later fall marathon is that you can get up later to do your long runs. In mid-summer, you have to start before dark in order not to sweat to death. Yesterday, I slept in to a leisurely 7am and got started around 8am. The weather was PERFECT!

I decided I had to do an out and back for fear of the temptation to cut it short. So…I started off down the Mt. Vernon trail but then cut to the C & O Canal Trail once I got to Georgetown and ran along one way there. So glad I did because it took me into some great pathways along the water, running over several bridges and just being in nature! It made me sad I’ve waited three years to try this one out!

Part of the C&O Canal Trail

I LOVED passing all the other runners, kindred spirits training their hearts out. I saw fast and slow, friends and singles, couples and families. It was the best day for a run.

Also cool? When running in this area, you literally run across the states! I passed by these during my miles:

Now, it’s taper time. Glorious taper time! I had that 21-miler on my mind for week so I’m glad it’s checked off my list.

The remainder of the time, I’m going to focus on my tempo runs and mile repeat workouts. Additionally, I’ll be trying to eat really well for the race, not drinking much and continuing to stretch, foam roll and recover efficiently.

I had to remind myself during yesterday’s run that my legs are technically tired right now. When race day hits, they will be well rested and raring to go. I’ll be there to run my heart out…that’s going to make all the difference.

TODAY was the Chicago Marathon! I can’t believe I forgot while it was going on. But several Facebook friends ran (one of them in 2:31 in fact!!!!). I’m glad the weather was great. I actually sold my entry to someone who had planned on running it the night after a wedding (and his first marathon!) so I’ll be interested to know how THAT turned out!

Do you have a 3-day weekend? I do! Woot woot!

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