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Dear Marathon,

I know we are old friends but I just don’t trust you.

Sometimes you are so sweet in the beginning and then you get mean towards the end — sometimes even in the middle!

But I’m here to level with you.

I’m prepared for your backstabbing this time. You won’t pull a fast one on me. All of my  mental weaponry is stocked and ready — so don’t even think about it.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. It will be like old times, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll run. Let’s work together this time and get ourselves a legendary PR.



PS — Please tell your friend, Mr. Rain, he is not invited. Thanks. 

Course Map!

I’m two days out and so far, been dreaming about it every night! I just found out that no one will be able to meet me at the finish line, which makes me sad. There’s something about having someone to find and see that makes it special. Ahh well, it’s not about that really and by that time, I probably will be so worn out that it won’t matter.

I plan on arriving a full 2 hours early to the race because I will be checking a bag. It’s annoying to do so but I am afraid I’ll need dry/warm clothes afterward if it s cold or raining. I don’t want to be waiting in line to go somewhere in my minimal racing gear.

Last night I went to the expo after work to avoid the weekend crowds. It was still pretty busy and fun as always. I feel like they were light on the swag this year but maybe I’m imagining things. Oh wow, I’m really praying that silly Hurricane avoids us until at least Sunday afternoon. It could be misery waiting for the race to start in that kind of weather — especially alone.

I was excited to stop by the Mizuno booth and meet one of their reps, Paige, who had shot me an email a couple of weeks to ago. Working with Mizuno has been a great experience and I appreciated her reaching out to say hello. She was super friendly and it was great chatting for a few minutes. Of course we got a pic:

The next two days are all about water, water, water so I hardly have to drink a thing on Sunday morning. The last thing I want is to have to pee during the race. 3-5 minutes can meet SO much when are trying for a time.

Anyway, got my Mizunos ready, my body prepped, now just need to get my mental attitude in line (I’m feeling sort of negative because of the weather forecast.)

See you at the finish line!

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