Thanks to Julie for letting me borrow her sign. Yes, endorphins DO make me happy!

First of all, Reebok did a fantastic job as one of the main sponsors of Fitboggin’ this year. It was like a mini-Reebok store stocked up with helpful, friendly employees the whole time. They had shoes on display and all kinds of fun photo shots available.

They gifted all attendees with a new pair of shoes and were happy to chat about anything and everything #GetAfterIt – @Reebok’s official hashtag on Twitter.

When I saw their employees wearing the shirts below, I loved them and was delighted to find out I got my own after the 5k on Sunday morning. Yes, I did wear it the next day 🙂

The great thing about fitness is that you can have and love many different brands for different things. I make no bones about the fact that my running shoe belongs to Mizuno! However, I’m really LOVING Reebok because they are so focused on Crossfit — and their shoes really work for me for crosstraining stuff like at-home WODs, elliptical and various other activities.

Because I’m a crossfit lover, I was pumped to work with Reebok in that realm. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of at-home stuff as marathon training comes to a head and I try to save money. It’s the first time in my life that I’ve not belonged to a gym! Very weird but also a good learning experience. I love Pinterest and my fellow bloggers for providing tons of awesome at-home workouts to choose from!

 Today’s workout (from my Pinterest “Work Out At Home” Board):

I wore some of my new Reebok gear to work out. I was really skeptical of the shirt when I saw it because I thought it looked kind of shapeless and too loose. WRONG. It was actually airy, comfortable and the perfect fit for me. The material is so soft and easy to move in — so apparently they knew what they were doing.

Working out in my tiny living room isn’t always ideal but you make do when it’s early and dark. Sometimes…I just don’t feel like leaving and it’s easier to just roll over and pick up some weights.

See how the shirt is loose but still fitted? Love that. I’m also wearing the Reebok pants they sent…it is not in my favorite material for a long run, for example, but for circuit at home it works. Plus, I need as many pairs of black work out pants as possible, they are my favorite!

I’m not gonna lie, I think my butt looks good in those pants…and I think the pants help 🙂 Ha ha. Looking at these photos I actually think I look like a strong woman and that makes me happy. I know it sounds silly writing it on a blog but shouting it to the world instead of some of the negative self talk I put out there is important.

Fitness — in general — and the sometimes cheesy slogans or cliche phrases that go with it makes my life better. It has helped me overcome so much and changed my view on body image and self-acceptance in many ways. Crossfit especially has driven me to value strength and stamina and really pushing yourself in a new way. I think it’s awesome that Reebok has been such a pinnacle player in the Crossfit movement — a sport which is helping a lot of people redefine themselves.

QUESTION: How has fitness changed your life? How do you #GetAfterIt?

*Disclaimer: Reebok provided the shoes and clothes featured in this post. All of the opinions I shared are honest.
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