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So the first day of Fitbloggin’ has been a success. Even though Baltimore is so close to DC, I feel like I’m far way.  It’s amazing how easily I can talk with other bloggers — and it’s comforting to just relax with other people who also like to get up and run 10 miles or — like my roomies here — go find a random Crossfit gym nearby at 5:30am and sneak in a workout. 
I was in major luck to share a room with some awesome girlsGabby, Sana and Meg. Three of us are avid crossfitters and all of us are passionate about health and fitness. Thought it’s clear we are all really different in our own ways, there was definitely a kindred spirit flowing through our room. 
Heading to the crossfit class (my first, their second of the day!) in my new Mizuno top!

I was actually pretty mad at myself for not getting up and going to Crossfit with my roomies but…I went to bed so much later than normal and was anxious to go to a new box for the first time on so little sleep. Of course when the ladies came rolling in the room as I was waking up, I was smacking myself but it was all good.

There was a Reebok Crossfit class being taught at Fitbloggin that morning but it turned out to be very introductory and not really much of a workout for me, unfortunately.

I also found out that the long run I was planning on taking Saturday with a group was rescheduled for Friday, so I missed it. Luckily, I planned a Saturday run of my own and can’t wait to rock out my new Mizuno running shorts, shoes and probably this awesome jacket (which I love in white) for the morning chill:

There are so many people I read on a daily basis, it was so much fun putting names with faces/blogs. One of my favorite, most inspiring bloggers is Carla, aka MizFit. It was a pleasure finally meeting her and her personality was just as fun and energetic as her words on the blog, so or course we had to get a pic:

Can you see my awesome new camera strapped around my neck? Yeah, I felt super pro today. Also — hello — sweet running vest, riiiight?  I will be uploading those photos for a better post-conference post for you to check out 🙂

It was pretty neat to attend a session today about how to write a successful book proposal. In fact, I had the “Idiot’s Guide to Writing a Book Proposal” in my computer back. It’s on my  mind. I want to do it but the woman who spoke was very discouraging — she made it sound nearly impossible. Maybe it is but I know that shouldn’t stop me and at least I got some good advice.

I’ve been chilling out in some of the awesome apparel I received from Mizuno and loving it. The top from below (check it out here), was super comfortable while working out and just hanging around. It’s definitely by far my favorite piece of clothing from Mizuno aside from my shoes so far:

It was fun seeing everyone in their workout gear this morning — lots of sparkly headbands, compression socks, colorful tops and lots of brand love coming out the ears. I was sort of surprised to the handful of guys in the room — props to them for showing up! I know it’s mostly ladies but there are guy fitness bloggers out there and it’s nice to see them represent.

Here’s a shot just before Crossfit began this morning:

It was sooooo freakin’ gorgeous on the Baltimore Harbor tonight. I remembered when Rick and I were here like the second week we were dating and had such a great time. Just the right breeze, sunlight and music in the background. It was like happiness in the weather.

We went to dinner at the Rusty Scupper, which was absolutely delicious. Of course I got crabcakes — maybe the best I’ve ever had — plus their crab dip, which was also amazing. I left feeling full but satisfied. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the food I’ve had this weekend and not letting myself feel bad about it. It’s a good feeling. Here’s one of the pix from the harbor.

So that’s it for now. Stay tuned tomorrow for more love from Fitbloggin’ 🙂


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