When it rains and you don’t have a gym — and you are feeling completely unmotivated to workout — it’s time to take action.

That’s just what I did yesterday while spending a gray day at my parents house. We are an active family and it’s not hard to find someone to step in and work out with me. Usually it’s my mom but she’s injured right now so…I relied on Dad. And he had some cool socks on too:

He pulled through! And I was able to use the powers of Pinterest to get us through.

I recently created a board called “Workout at Home.” The pinnable workouts have become all the rage lately — and it’s SO easy to just check the board on my phone and pick something out. Perfect for hotel stays, at home workouts or in my case, at parents home workouts.

So many of these are transferrable as Crossfit WODs too and I love it. Additionally, I also just downloaded an app called “iWOD” which has an easy list of all the main WODs plus video examples of every move you can think of. SO helpful when you can’t remember.

Here’s the one Dad and I actually did yesterday: 

We through it 3 times together and I added a 1000 Meter row on my Mom’s rowing machine. Then, I went through the circuit once more and Dad and I did a round of arms including tricep dips, handstand push ups (modified), curls and I also did 3 rounds of squats with a 40lb weight..

Giovanna decided she wanted to join us during the circuit (so cute!) and luckily we captured a little bit of that on video:

After that, despite having felt totally wiped out before the workout, my energy levels soared and I convinced Dad to come out for a short, rainy jog with me.

It goes to show you that even if you are falling asleep at church on Sunday morning, all you need is to get yourself moving to pick it back up.

Then, I was able to shower and relax and look forward our family gathering later that night where I, of course, ended up eating home made mac n’ cheese, bratwursts, homemade ice cream and more. A little work out before hand helped me feel a little better about all that.

Here’s Dad & I post-run: 

I was so glad I got myself to do this yesterday, especially the strength aspect because I’m still worried about how I’m going to maintain the muscle I gained in Crossfit now that I’m not taking classes anymore. I know it’s all about making it a habit and a priority.

QUESTION: Have you used Pinterest to easily find your At-Home Workouts? Are there other creative ways to use it for fitness? Any at-home WOD victories for you lately?
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