This week, I’m heading to Jacksonville, Florida for a work conference and will also get to visit with my family members that live nearby. I’m almost a little excited to actually try out some of these “Hotel WODs” I’ve been seeing online lately.

The great thing about Crossfit is that you can do it with minimal equipment and modify things no matter where you are. Plus, the monotony of my usual hotel gym treadmill run will be minimized, thank God.

I’ll use this for Day #1 (thanks Tina!):

And this one for Day #2 (thanks Jess!): 

Need more ideas? I discovered this awesome website, The Traveling WOD, that has a ton of easy-to-implement WODs for when you are on the go. Also discovered some ideas from Crossfit Santan here.

I’ve also been looking for an excuse to try this one out: 

Basically, there is no excuse for me to miss out on any kind of fitness while I’m gone. I’m sad I have to miss two days of Crossfit at the box this week but I’m seriously going to crush it in the hotel room.

The main thing I worry about if I needed to quit the box for awhile to save money — is that I won’t push myself. With the pressure of just little ol’ me, it’s hard to push it hard! But doing these WOD’s as they are written will do the trick. I just need to make it a habit when I’m not at the gym. this helps:

In other exciting news, I am not a contributor to the Zweet Sport blog! Never heard of Zweet Sport? Well, get ready to love ’em! If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can see my bio on their contributor’s page.

Zweet is an up and coming fitness clothing company in the area that focuses on bikram yoga, pole dancing (yep, you heard me!), general fitness and now, Crossfit! I was brought on to blog about Crossfit, which is super exciting! My first post should be coming out sometime this week so stay tuned!

QUESTION: How do you handle working out while out of town? Do you use hotel room workouts, rely on the hotel gym or just get moving outside?

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