I think I should start sleeping in complete and total darkness because I have never slept so soundly in my life as I have in this hotel in Jacksonville, Florida.

The first night, I slept for 10 hours! That does NOT happen. Last night, I slept for 9 hours and woke up flabbergasted that it was 8:15am.

I guess this is all good for me since I’ve been sick all week. Perhaps I just needed the rest but man, I could get used to this.

It doesn’t make it any easier to get up and work out though. Yesterday, I barely made it.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve been feeling depressed in the past couple of weeks and it kind of set it yesterday morning more than normal. I knew that a workout would really help me conquer the feeling. After much languishing, I put my work out clothes on (the first step people!) and did it. I know that act was the hugest factor in my day proceeding much more happily. Here’s the video I took at the hotel gym:

I have a great view from my room at the Omni and have been enjoying a spacious room with a large bed all to myself! Last night, I even ordered room service for the first time in my life (woa…!)

I have not been feeling super social this weekend, which is what these conferences are all about. So…I’ve been doing the best I can and then retreating at night. I’m not drinking this weekend and have just wanted to relax.

Last night, my friend Alexa came to my room and we watched “I Don’t Know How She Does It” with Sarah Jessica Parker. Decent movie but I won’t get into my thoughts about how I would NEVER work that much or travel that much with children in a million years 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got a full day of speakers ahead of me and fancy schmancy dinner as well. Tomorrow, I’ll be hanging out with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins that live here in Jacksonville at the beach.

Now, if you are debating between working out and sitting on your butt…you know what to do —> Just Do It!

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