Good morning everyone! I’m on a runners high right now, don’t you love those?

I opted today for a good old fashioned, mid-week long (ish) run. I know that means tempo running but since I rarely keep track of my time, I decided to experiment.

I set up RunKeeper on my iphone and decided to run 7 tempo miles and 2 cool down miles. The test was to see what I think my tempo pace is. I really tried to keep it up and thought about what I could say to myself during the marathon to maintain such a pace for 26 miles. I LOVE RunKeeper by the way, it’s so easy — and free! 🙂

Things like, “This is your slow running pace, you are fine” (NOT) and “You are Kara Goucher, you are a warrior” (NOT NOT) ran through my head. Okay so maybe they are NOTs but they are going to help me come the big day!

It felt amazing to glide along the trail and watch the sunrise over the Potomac, gleaming that never-gets-old pink and orange over the Washington Monument and the Capitol building.

The old familiar kindred spirit vibe between runners and the invincibility of bursting lungs filled my soul. It was grand 🙂

So….at the end of my run, I anxiously tore out my phone to see what my mileage was. Here’s a little glimpse of what I got:

Those numbers are good but…it was hard! Granted, I only need to keep up to abut 8:50 miles to make my four hour time goal but that doesn’t really sound all that different that 8:35 if you ask me!

I came home feeling fantabulous of course and immediately set to putting my morning green power juice together. If I procrastinate it doesn’t happen since making it and cleaning it is a process. Here’s how it went down today (and thanks to Katelyn for this sweeeeet hashtag.)

So I skipped crossfit without planning on it today but I think I needed a rest. Believe it or not, I get a little burnt out going every single day. Oh yeah and I made a little morning video for ya’ll today (many thank yous, btw, to all who chimed in on yesterday’s crossfit v. running post!)

Don’t mind the weird swaying in that video… 🙂

Obviously, my “paleo week” never actually  began and I’m  hesitant to even do it. I mean, do I really want to give up what I actually want to eat for what will make me a little leaner? How will being leaner really improve my life? I guess I really do want to see my muscle coming bursting through but I hate when I start feeling overly concerned with it.

QUESTION: Anyway, how are you eating clean this week? Have you made any big fitness decisions? 

*Also wanted to make sure no one thinks that the green is ALL I had for breakfast. I also had two eggs, a banana, orange juice and I’m about to have a midmorning snack of Fage yogurt & honey.

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