Marathons x 2

So, let’s talk about how I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon last week and now I’m asking myself why (I’m also running Philly three weeks later.)

When I saw that Back on My Feet had lowered their fundraising cost to only $350, I thought — sounds good, I got this.

I planned to get on training track this weekend with a 13-miler.

And that didn’t happen. 

I blame Crossfit. 

The problem is this: I like Crossfit so much, especially Saturdays because they are the most fun, that I couldn’t get myself to give up my class for 13- miles and NO, there ain’t no way I could have done both.


What about Sunday, you might be asking? I always go to church at 10am on Sundays and so the pressure was on to get up really early and crank it out. I totally did NOT want to get up early because sleeping in on the weekend has become my favorite extra curricular activity.

So, I was going to do it after church. But then, Rick decided he was going to take the day off and hang out with me instead. Of course that sounded waaaay better than running 13 miles — and off we went to the zoo.

Another Saturday happens next weekend — will I do it? I’m guessing I need to go about 15 miles and in order to ensure it happens, I MUST get up early and get the show on the road. Time drinking coffee and checking blogs only deducts the percentage that I will actually do the miles.

Last year, I was logging these all the time…what happened to me? The truth is, I miss these serene early running mornings: 

It’s quite possible race day will arrive and I’ll have maybe one  20-miler under my belt. Not a good thing and not what I want to happen. If nothing else, it will be a good training run for the Philly Marathon. I don’t know, guys, I just don’t have the training rage going on this year!

I know it’s all about commitment and priority and I WILL commit to it this Saturday.

Crossfit Dilemma

Second on the agenda….crossfit. In light of needing to actually take marathon training semi-seriously and also to save some money, I’m considering giving up my crossfit classes until at least January.

I really really don’t want to. I really really love crossfit. Now that I’ve got a car payment, though, I’m missing some of the money I used to save.

$180 is a lot of’s like $2,000 a year. YIKES!

And people say…you can do the workouts at home.  That you can adapt, you can get some basic equipment. But, no. It’s just not fun for me that way. I hate doing it alone.

Do any other crossfitters feel me on this?

It’s the people, the music, the motivation, the sweat, the clock ticking, the everyone else working their asses off so you have to too.

Has anyone out there made this kind of decision? I realize I’m of a privileged bunch to even be able to afford it in the first place but that doesn’t make it easy to give up my classes.

Chicago Bib for Sale!

**Lastly, I am trying to sell my Chicago Marathon bib. I paid $150 so I’d like to try and make some of it back so I’m selling the bib for half price. If you or anyone you know would be interested, let me know. There are no transfers so whoever buys it would have to run under my name, unfortunately.

Please email me at if interested.

QUESTION: Do you have trouble balancing crossfit and running? Or…any other combination of sports/activities? I’m curious how others make it work. 
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